“They seek to sabotage peace and stability.”

“They seek to sabotage peace and stability.”

China’s Armed Forces reported Friday that they have detected. a U.S. Air Force fighter flying over the Taiwan Strait, so they have launched tracking and monitoring of the aircraft.

The Chinese military has indicated that the aircraft detected. is a P8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft.which has transited over the strait and has been detected by several Chinese Air Force fighters.

A spokesman for the Chinese Army has warned that U.S. forces have been frequently using such aircraft with the aim of “provoking” Beijing.according to reports in the official newspaper China Daily.

In this regard, he has qualified that this is further evidence that the United States is seeking to “sabotage peace and stability throughout the strait” and “seeks only to cause trouble” in the region.

A U.S. destroyer ship in the Taiwan Strait.

“The Army is always on alert to safeguard the sovereignty and security of China and stability and peace in the area.”

Kayleigh Williams