Voting by holding your nose | Opinion by Helena Resano

Voting by holding your nose | Opinion by Helena Resano

Two candidates who do not convince anyone, neither their party nor about 70% of the citizens. This is the desolate panorama that the Americans are going to have. in next year’s presidential elections. Or at least that is what the latest polls published by several media say. Seven out of ten do not like it Biden repeating as Democratic nominee. In his 80s, they believe it is time for him to retire: his first four years in the White House fail to win voter approval.not even from the Democrats, and that leaves him in a delicate situation. Y 60% of Americans don’t think it’s right for Trump to repeat either. and running again as the Republican Party’s nominee.

Conclusion: that a vast majority of voters will go to the polls next year completely unmotivated.thinking that they will vote for someone who is not qualified to take the reins of the country and that politics has become a kind of discarding of the least bad. Voting holding their nose. Neither candidate is about to rethink matter how much the polls or their teams tell them that it is not the best idea to repeat the 2020 duel.

Biden thinks he has every chance to beat Trump again, that he has to finish the job and that being in the White House the statistics say it is easier to get re-elected, but so much has happened in these four years that the statistics or probabilities can turn around.

And the possibility of a Trump-like character just now becoming President of the United States, with the Ukraine war raging, with Russia in a desperate situation to gain weight on the international scene, with China still not quite defined and with emerging countries that are asking for a breakthrough and seeking other balances, honestly, it is not the most reassuring thing. But this is what it is.

Trump continues to sweep among Republicanshas been able to to take advantage of his imputation and he is making the most of it. And the same thing is happening in front, in the Democratic party, there is no rival who can overshadow right now a man who has more than one lapse and who, if everything goes well for him, would finish his term of office at the age of 86. And this is also part of the deterioration of a democracy: to stand for election as the lesser of evils.without managing to mobilize and inspire an electorate that is demanding solutions at a complicated moment of the economy and in a country where, as we saw in the assault on the Capitolpolarization can become a ticking time bomb.

Neither has talked about their program, of what he offers to the country for the next 4 years.. They appeal to emotions, Trump, even, to the guts to get the vote. Going to vote with a stuffy nose. That’s what many will do next year in the United States.

Kayleigh Williams