Possible Feyenoord inauguration May 15 at the earliest

Possible Feyenoord inauguration May 15 at the earliest
Celebration in Rotterdam for Feyenoord’s fifteenth national title in 2017

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Feyenoord’s possible inauguration for winning its 16th national title will not be until Monday, May 15, at the earliest. The Rotterdam City Council says a championship celebration at an earlier date carries financial risks.

Leaders Feyenoord could possibly celebrate the Eredivisie championship on Sunday, May 7, with a win in the away match against Excelsior. In that case, number two PSV must not win at Sparta on Saturday, May 6.

So a popular celebration may erupt in the center of Rotterdam on May 7, but the municipality will then not organize the official festivities until Monday, May 15.

According to the municipality of Rotterdam, it is not possible to organize a tribute in such a short time. “In terms of hiring and material and personnel, leading up to a possible inauguration, a lot has to be determined in advance. We also have to make a financial commitment for that,” the municipality informed RTV Rijnmond. “Moreover, material and personnel are also deployed on King’s Day and the Liberation Day festivities.”

Feyenoord disappointed

Feyenoord is disappointed with the course of events. “We understand the situation of the municipality, but the period between the title and inauguration is too long,” said a spokesman for the club.

If Feyenoord do not become champions on May 7, they will have the chance to become champions in their own Kuip on Sunday, May 14. Go Ahead Eagles will then be the opponent.

Kayleigh Williams