American woman pleads guilty to killing woman in ‘killer clown’ case, 32 years later

American woman pleads guilty to killing woman in ‘killer clown’ case, 32 years later

Sheila Keen-Warren, the woman accused of disguising herself as a clown and shooting another woman to death. in 1990 at the door of the second woman’s home in Florida (USA), was declared on Tuesday guilty as charged of murder and could be released in less than a year, local media reported.

Judge Scott Suskauer accepted Warren’s guilty plea in exchange for a 12-year prison sentencewith credit for the 3,039 days he has been in jail since his arrest, so he could be free in about ten months, the daily newspaper The Palm Beach Post.

Sheila Keen-Warren was charged with first-degree murder for the death of Marlene Warren on May 26, 1990, in what is known as the “killer clown case.”

On that day, a clown with balloons and flowers arrived at the Warren home in the town of Wellington, Palm Beach County, and. shot Marlene in the facewho died two days later in a hospital, and calmly boarded the vehicle in which he had arrived.

The executed prisoner, Louis Bernard Gaskin.

He had an affair with Sheila

By this time there were rumors that Michael Warren, who was the husband of the victim and later became the husband of the defendant, was having an affair with Sheilawho at the time bore the surname Keen. Eventually Sheila married to Michael Warren in 2002 and moved to Tennessee, where the couple operated a restaurant.

After 27 years of investigations, a grand jury in Palm Beach, 100 kilometers north of Miami, analyzed the evidence and ruled in August 2016 in favor of presenting criminal charges against Sheilanow 58, which led to her arrest a year later in Virginia.

The murder remained a “cold case” until Detective Paige McCann of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office took over in 2013. McCann discovered an 8-centimeter fiber at the crime scene that Assistant State’s Attorney Reid Scott said linked Keen-Warren to the murder of his lover’s wife.

The integrity of that fiber and other key evidence for the case were the subject of a intense scrutiny by Keen-Warren’s defense attorneys.

Kayleigh Williams