US will not deploy troops for peacekeeping in Sudan

US will not deploy troops for peacekeeping in Sudan

U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has confirmed that. his country is not considering sending troops to Sudan on a peacekeeping mission for the time being.and has clarified that it has deployed other types of means.

“We have deployed U.S. intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets to support the ground evacuation routes being used by the Americans,” he assured during a press conference on Monday.

Sullivan also confirmed that “at the request of the president,” Joe Biden, are “actively facilitating the evacuation of U.S. citizens.” out of the country.

“We are moving naval assets within the region to provide support. U.S. citizens have begun arriving in Port Sudan, and we are helping to facilitate their onward journey,” he added.

Still, after being asked by reporters, he explained that “we have no plans or announcements about troop deployments. U.S. peacekeepers in Sudan, nor about deploying troops on the ground to try to keep the peace in Sudan.”

“That is not currently contemplated, and I do not expect it to be done“, he has sentenced. “When it comes to being able to respond ‘in extremis’ if we feel we have to in order to protect the security of our people when they may be being threatened, the United States has the kind of assets and capabilities necessary to be able to do that.”

Kayleigh Williams