Rapper Afroman officially in the race for U.S. president

Rapper Afroman officially in the race for U.S. president

The race for the 2024 White House now only needs Kanye West to run again. After Joe Biden’s announcement, Donald Trump on trial and the ultra-right-wing party he said Joe Exotic was running with rejected him – running as an independent – he has now arrived a new contender to sit in the Oval Office: rapper Afroman.

The 48-year-old Californian musician anda has submitted all the necessary documentation with the Federal Election Commission that is required in order to run for the highest elected office in the United States.

According to documents obtained by the American news portal. TMZAfroman’s presidential committee is called “Joseph Afroman Foreman for President” and, although there have been jokes about which party he would go with – most notably the Green Party because of its advocacy of marijuana use – he will run as an independent.

He announced that he would run for president last December during a concert in Missouri, where he told the crowd about his dream of becoming POTUS, although when it came to talking about the 2024 election he referred to it as “20-20-FRO”, in a play on words between the word “four” (four) and the way of referring in the street to afro hair, his great sign of identity.

It is already known that federal legalization of marijuana will be on his agenda, although there is not much information on other issues of interest to the nation. In fact, as a nod to his big campaign promise, he finished presenting the documents on April 20, which in English are named “4/20”, which serves to name both cannabis consumers and to refer to the day of celebration of the cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

The aforementioned media outlet spoke with his campaign manager, Jason Savage, who explained the decision of Joseph Edgar Foreman, his real name. “The ongoing persecution of Afroman by the openly corrupt Adams County Sheriff’s Department is. perfect proof that this corruption of in our leaders has filtered down to law enforcement. across the country,” he has begun.

“Criminal justice reform and federal marijuana legalization remain two of our campaign focal points. We are looking for endorsements as Afroman takes up this great and worthy cause As our Cannabis Commander-in-Chief.” he has pointed out.

Kayleigh Williams