Biden confirms he will run for president in 2024

Biden confirms he will run for president in 2024

U.S. President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he will run again for president in 2024, after weeks of speculation that he himself had advanced that he would he was planning to run for a second termwhich he would begin at the age of 82.

“When I ran for president four years ago I said that I would we are in a battle for the soul of America. And we still are,” the president said in a video entitled “Freedom” in which he confirmed that he will run again for the presidency of the country.

Biden chose this Tuesday, April 25, to make his intentions official because just today marks four years since he launched the electoral campaign that led him to the White House after defeating then-President Donald Trump (2017-2020) in the 2020 election.

At the time, Biden also announced his campaign with a video in which he promised to unite a deeply divided society and save the nation’s “soul” after four years of Trump in the White House.

This time, his message has followed similar lines, but emphasizing the importance of “finishing the job” started during his first term alongside the vice president, Kamala Harriswho will also be his running mate in 2024.

In addition, the Democrat warned of “MAGA extremists” – in reference to Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” (Make America Great Again)-the expression he often uses to refer to the Republican legislators most aligned with the controversial conservative ex-president.

Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

“They are preparing to eliminate those fundamental freedoms, reducing the Social Security that you have paid for all your lives while cutting taxes for the rich. Dictating what medical decisions women can make, banning books, and telling people who they can love,” Biden said in his message.

The president, who at 80 is the oldest president in U.S. history, had been saying for months that he has intention to run for re-election.

In fact, Biden advanced just yesterday that he would make his candidacy official “very soon” and reiterated that. he had already made a decision on the 2024 elections, so all that remained was to formally announce it.

While on a visit to Ireland on April 14, Biden also said the announcement would come “relatively soon.” And, a few days earlier, on April 10, Biden told an NBC reporter that he was planning to run for office, but that he was not yet ready to announce it officially.

Biden v. Trump?

Biden could battle in 2024 with former U.S. President Donald Trump (2017-2021), whom he already defeated in 2020.

Trump has announced his intention to compete for the Republican nomination in that party’s primary process despite being embroiled in several court cases and has already been formally indicted in a criminal case in New York.

In addition to Trump, on the Republican side there are. five other contenders: former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, conservative radio host Larry Elder and businessman Perry Johnson.

U.S. President Joe Biden (l) and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (r) at La Moncloa Palace, June 28, 2022, in Madrid, Spain.

Other conservative politicians have also hinted that. have an interest in running for officeFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Trump Vice President Mike Pence, although so far none has taken the step.

On the Democratic side, Biden looks like he will have a clear field, since the party’s major personalities have ruled out running and only counts on the competition of marginal figures.

Specifically, only two figures have declared their intention to. compete for the Democratic nomination: environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, nephew of President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963), and self-help book author Marianne Williamson.

The Democratic National Committee fully endorses Biden and has already said it does not plan to organize primary debates.

In fact, the Democratic National Committee has changed the primary calendar to suit the wishes of the incumbent, giving priority to South Carolina, where Biden resurfaced in 2020, after resounding defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire, which were traditionally the first states to vote.

Biden tried unsuccessfully to capture the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008. That year, Democratic nominee and subsequent President Barack Obama (2008-2017) chose Biden as vice president and both went on to win the 2008 election and the 2012 election.

Kayleigh Williams