a “much-needed baby boom” must be launched

a “much-needed baby boom” must be launched

Former U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday via a message from his campaign team that. “Joe Biden’s presidency has been a failure.” and “does not deserve four more years to continue destroying America.”

In a lengthy message following Biden’s announcement that he will seek re-election in 2024, Trump’s team makes a very negative assessment of the state of the country under the current Democratic president. and sets out in detail what the former president will do if he wins next year’s election.

The summary of Biden’s presidency is according to Trump: “The United States is. On the brink of a deadly nuclear war. Americans are struggling to pay for food and gasoline. The border has been opened to millions of unknown illegal immigrants and tons of deadly drugs.”

Jean Carroll, the journalist who sued Trump.

Trump (2017-20021) and Biden were the Republican and Democratic nominees, respectively, in the 2020 electiona scenario that would be repeated in 2024 if, as the polls indicate for now, the former wins the nomination for the Republican Party.

Among the measures Trump intends to implement if he returns to the White House is the. providing “baby bonds” to young families to help kick-start “a much-needed baby boom.”, “reward domestic production and increase tariffs on foreign manufacturers,” and “eliminate all unnecessary federal regulation that hinders domestic energy production.”

In addition, he promises to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement and quickly issue approvals for energy infrastructure projects, deploy all military assets necessary to impose a full naval embargo on drug cartels and declare them terrorist organizations.

Death penalty for drug traffickers.

Also on his agenda is. asking Congress to ensure that drug traffickers receive the death penalty. and make “a record investment in the recruitment, retention and training of police officers.” Also, ensure that local law enforcement agencies cooperate with immigration authorities “to arrest and deport criminal aliens” and “fully secure the border.”

Several paragraphs are devoted to the fight that Trump will wage against “radical Marxist prosecutors.”in which he includes appointing “100 U.S. Attorneys who will be the polar opposite of the Soros district attorneys who are destroying the rule of law in America.” That move is an allusion to the fact that a Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, whom he accuses of being a Marxist and being paid by financier George Soros., brought criminal charges against him for allegedly illegal payments he made to a porn actress in 2016 to buy her silence.

The dismantling of “all gangs, street groups and drug networks”. in the United States, deployment of “federal assets, including the National Guard, to restore law and order when local law enforcement refuses to act” are other measures of a possible second Trump term. On Education, he will cut federal funding to any school that promotes theories of systemic racism, gender ideology and other “inappropriate content”.

Kayleigh Williams