two houses collapse as a result of a landslide

two houses collapse as a result of a landslide

They have collapsed early Saturday morning two houses “dangerously unstable” that stood on the edge of a hill. on the outskirts of Draper, in the U.S. state of Utah. The occupants of these dwellings already had received an evacuation order six months ago, thanks to which no injuries have been reported.

The unoccupied houses were located on the edge of a hill and it detached, causing the houses to collapse “down the hill”. According to the authorities, the houses were in danger because of the Frequent landslides and breaks in their foundations.

Two other nearby homes were evacuated subsequently for safety reasons due to thaws in the area.

The landslides were documented in videos recorded by police officers and firefighters, who rushed to the scene after sections of a retaining wall holding back earth collapsed and homes began to topple.

In one, metal fell from the porch roof moments before the second story collapsed downhill, while the other house caved in and slid downhill, leaving very little of the structure.

The municipal authorities had issued a evacuation order at the end of October and stated that for months they followed up with the developer, Edge Homes, on engineering studies on the stability of the area.

Edge Homes did not immediately respond to messages and calls seeking explanations, the U.S. news agency AP revealed.

Last Tuesday, April 18, the collapse of a garage in the city of Manhattan (New York) left at least one dead and five injured.

Kayleigh Williams