Gambling advertising ban to take effect on July 1

The Dutch Minister of Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind, has confirmed that the ban on non-targeted gambling advertising will come into effect on July 1. First announced in July 2022, the ban will apply to all advertising in public spaces, on television and radio.

After Belgium, it’s the Netherlands’ turn to ban gambling advertising

Like Belgium, the Netherlands will ban most forms of gambling advertising as of July 1. Initially delayed until October 2022, the implementation of the new measure could not be completed within the previously scheduled timeframe due to extensive public consultations.

However, the Dutch Minister of Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind, has confirmed the official date of entry into force of the banset for July 1, 2023. The confirmation of this date clarifies an issue that has caused much consternation among the public, namely the exposure of children to age-inappropriate advertising.

While advertising is necessary to publicize the legal availability of online gambling – combating illegal gambling is very important – our government also has a duty to protect vulnerable groups from the risks associated with such games “Minister Franc Weerwind said the ban would keep younger people away from untargeted advertising and limit the temptation for players to commit large sums of money to iGaming products.

Internet ads allowed under strict conditions

As of the coming July 1, all advertisements on television and radio, as well as those presented in billboards, will be formally prohibited. As for the advertising for online casino games broadcast on the Internet and on video-on-demand platforms, it will be allowed, but under very strict conditions.

Another important point: advertising on the web, especially on social networks, will only be tolerated if operators are able to prevent their promotional campaigns from reaching the youngest audiences, especially those under 24. In addition, Internet users must have the the possibility to deactivate advertisements at any timein a simple and convenient way.

The new measure is currently attracting praise and criticism. For example, the ban has been welcomed by a number of political parties, social groups and organizations that had previously spoken out against gambling advertising in the country.

Conversely, operators strongly criticized the measure – including the trade association VNLOK – because they believe that it does not take into account the social responsibility that licensed operators have already been assuming for several years.

Kayleigh Williams