U.S. detected two Russian fighter jets near Alaska

U.S. detected two Russian fighter jets near Alaska

The U.S. Aerospace Defense Command’s Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). intercepted two Russian fighter aircraft entering the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) of the state of Alaska in the northern U.S. mainland.

In a statement released Wednesday, the United States reported that last Monday, April 17. “detected, located, identified, identified and intercepted” the two aircraft.which remained in international airspace.

“This Russian activity in the North American ADIZ occurs on a regular basis and. does not pose a threat, nor is it considered a provocative activity,” they explained.

They have also detailed that the aircraft are two TU-95 model bombers.escorted out of Alaskan defense airspace by several U.S. aircraft.

NORAD records an annual average of six to seven intercepts of Russian military aircraftThe Russian military detects them using a network of satellites, radars and aircraft flying over U.S. airspace.

Kayleigh Williams