World goal RKC striker Kramer, but Go Ahead pulls off catch-up game

World goal RKC striker Kramer, but Go Ahead pulls off catch-up game

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Over a month after their match was canceled at the last minute due to winter conditions, Go Ahead Eagles won the catch-up game with RKC Waalwijk in Deventer 3-2 thanks to a late goal by Isac Lidberg.

With that result, Go Ahead climbs to 11th place in the premier league and moves further away from the relegation zone. RKC remains eighth, a place that at the end of the season entitles them to participate in the playoffs for European soccer.

Unlike in early March, when the field proved unplayable due to snowfall, this time the Adelaarshorst was bathed in sunlight.

Matchless goal

The pleasant spring weather inspired RKC striker Michiel Kramer to score an unparalleled goal in the opening period. He was just over the halfway line when he was played the ball by teammate Mats Seuntjens. Kramer did not hesitate, lashed out and shot the ball over Eagles goalkeeper Jeffrey de Lange from about 40 meters.

It was Kramer’s eleventh goal of the season and only his first in an away game.

World goal RKC: Kramer shoots in from 40 (!) meters

Not long after Kramer’s world goal, Go Ahead hit back with a goal that also had merit. Evert Linthorst was alert when the RKC defense failed to get the ball out of their own penalty area after a free kick. He passed Etienne Vaessen in the right corner.

Hats on, hats off

RKC’s goalkeeper was also busy during the first half because of the low-hanging sun, which somewhat obstructed his vision. The cap he had brought along for that reason went on, off and back on several times.

After nearly 25 minutes, the cap went off. Out of frustration, Vaessen gave the headgear a stud, after collecting a goal for the second time. That one came to the name of right back Mats Deijl, who scored via the inside of the post.

Mats Deijl cheers after putting Go Ahead ahead

Also in the phase after the 2-1, the home team had the better of the game. It led to chances for Bobby Adekanye and – after a handball by Seuntjens – a penalty. However, this was taken far too casually by Icelander Willum Willumsson, who missed the goal by a wide margin.

Kramer scores again

Where in the first half it had to come mainly from Go Ahead, RKC started to play better soccer after halftime. That soon resulted in a second goal for Kramer. With some luck he got the ball at his feet in the rebound and shot decisively.

The visitors then tried to push on. No major chances were created, although RKC did seem to have a claim for a penalty after more than an hour. Referee Martin van den Kerkhof did not give it when Jamal Amofa fouled Julen Lobete on the edge of the penalty area.

Late in injury time, a winning goal fell at the other end of the pitch after all. Lidberg headed in after a corner, inadvertently got the ball back from RKC’s Patrick Vroegh and poked the ball behind Vaessen.

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