The New York City neighborhood where up to 160 languages are spoken

The New York City neighborhood where up to 160 languages are spoken

There is a neighborhood in New York where multiculturalism is the main attraction. It is about Jackson Heightsa neighborhood where different nationalities color its streets with a special color. The neighborhood, located in Queensis home to thousands of New Yorkers of Asian and Latin American origin. So much so that the British media BBC estimates that in it about 160 languages are spoken.

This is just a pinch of all the secrets that it hides, because in its streets are also intermingled the rich aromas of the Indian cuisineColombian, Mexican, etc. Even in the main artery of the neighborhood, the Roosevelt Avenue stores of all kinds and origins coexist: from cell phone repair shops, to typical Colombian bakeries, to Indian, Pakistani or Tibetan stores.

The Roman Theater was built by order of Marcus Agrippa between 16 and 15 BC and had a capacity for about 6000 people.

A different origin

As the British newspaper exposes, before the World War I Jackson Heights was a swamp, largely uninhabited, called Trains Meadow. The land was purchased by Edward. A. MacDougall’s in 1914, with the vision of creating a place where ‘white’ Americans from middle and upper-middle class could reside. During this period, the neighborhood was one of the so-called ‘middle and upper middle class’.restricted communities‘, where people of color, Jews and other marginalized groups were prohibited from buying property.

However, after the World War IIIn the wake of the war, protests by New Yorkers over racial segregation laws led to a new era of racial segregation. eliminated from the neighborhood, giving rise to the Jackson Heights we know today.

Following this event, the neighborhood was populated by. Jewish, Polish families, Irish and Russian families. However, it owes its present-day character to inhabitants who arrived from the IndiaPakistan, Bangladesh, China and Korea, as well as Latin Americans from ColombiaCuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Jackson Heights, New York
Jackson Heights, New York

Tower of Hercules.

The DNA of New York

To visit this neighborhood, all you have to do is hop on the subway line 7 and walk down Roosevelt Avenue. This is the place that best represents the DNA of New Yorkbecause it condenses the essence, the origin and the future of the city. Likewise, the neighborhood also mixes the overwhelming and frenetic atmosphere with quiet and relaxing places.

It is a must to visit the Diversity Plazaa pedestrian area near the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue subway entrance, as well as the area called ‘Diversity Plaza’.Little India‘. It is located between 37th Avenue and Northern Boulevard, and is home to Tibetans, Nepalese, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and others. On 37th Avenue, ‘Little India’ merges into ‘Little Colombia‘ home to nationalities such as Colombian, Peruvian or Argentinian. The influence of these countries is so strong, that the station of Colombian television station RCN is headquartered there.

Both areas constitute a trip around the world thanks to the ambiance, the color of the facades, but above all to the foodEvery few meters you can find street stalls or stores where you can enjoy traditional delicacies. At the same time, Jackson Heights is also the heart of the LGTBQ community Queens with places like Friend’s Tavernthe oldest gay bar in the district.

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Kayleigh Williams