NATO urges China to limit nuclear arsenal and artificial intelligence

NATO urges China to limit nuclear arsenal and artificial intelligence

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday urged China to China to sit down with the Atlantic Alliance. to increase transparency and set limits to its nuclear arsenal and to the military use of artificial intelligence.

Stoltenberg made these remarks telematically at the opening session of NATO’s annual arms control conference. and nuclear nonproliferation, which is being held this week in Washington.

The NATO chief said. does not regard Beijing as “an adversary.” of the Alliance, but “a challenge,” since it is investing in long-range missiles and has tripled the number of nuclear warheads in a few years.

“Having verifiable limits on nuclear arsenals.with predictability and transparency is in all our interests. So China should be willing to sit down and participate in more arms control agreements,” he said.

Aerial view of the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

Stoltenberg was of the opinion that China should put “limits on the number of nuclear warheads.”and also pointed to Beijing’s use of new military technology, including artificial intelligence, as a challenge, for which he called for shared controls.

“NATO is determined to develop universal standards for the responsible use of new technologies in the military field,” he insisted.

The Norwegian politician considered that the world finds itself in a “crossroads” which could lead to a “collapse” of the international order with “profound and dangerous consequences”,

And he stressed that it is necessary to bet on an “alternative path” that guarantees global security. “It won’t be easy or quick, but we have to do it.” he declared.

U.S. accuses China of “altering” the rules of order.

At the same conference, the U.S. State Department’s “number two” Wendy Sherman, who hosted the event, accused Chinese President Xi Jinping of “attempting to alter the rules of international order.”

He warned that the world is at a “very dangerous and uncertain” time, in which “many people are thinking about whether they should acquire nuclear weapons.”

These are the nuclear powers in the world.

For this reason, the State Department undersecretary sees it as “vital” that all countries that maintain relations with Beijing push for the Asian giant to increase “transparency”. about its nuclear arsenal.

Sherman stated that Joe Biden’s administration does not seek “conflict.” directly with China, but to “compete” with that country through fair and equitable rules.

“We will invest within our country to have the resilience, supply chains and the technology we need“, he remarked.

Kayleigh Williams