Feyenoord leaves nothing behind – Ajax next to PSV again – Twente player unwell on bus

Feyenoord leaves nothing behind – Ajax next to PSV again – Twente player unwell on bus

The state of play in the premier league

Round 29 in the premier league is over. Wednesday the premier league continues, with the catch-up game Go Ahead Eagles-RKC.

Next weekend there are nine more matches. Leaders Feyenoord are visited by FC Utrecht and PSV and Ajax meet in Eindhoven.

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    The standings in the premier league

Vangelis Pavlidis was emphatically looking and has now got his goal. It is his first since late February.

The AZ striker gets well in front of his man and promotes a Sugawara cross into a goal.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-3

There Ajax throws the match into the lock – as good as certain – after all.

Steven Berghuis launches Francisco Conceição, who enables Dusan Tadic to shoot in for the 3-1.

Dusan Tadic made it 3-1 against FC Emmen

AJA-EMM | 73′ Chance for Brobbey

Emmen were unable to increase the pressure on Ajax after the tying goal.

The home team has also been waiting for chances for a while, although substitute Brian Brobbey did try from distance.

FOR-AZ | 70′ AZ again close to 3-0

There’s another chance for AZ there, as striker Vangelis Pavlidis heads alone toward the goalkeeper.

However, the Greek does not get the ball past Ivor Pandur.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-2

FOR-AZ | 68′ AZ close to 3-0

Where Emmen is making Ajax’s life sour(der), Fortuna still fails to make a fist against AZ.

The Alkmaar players are even close to a third goal through Sam Beukema. Fortuna goalkeeper Pandur saved his effort.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-2

AJA-EMM | Second half to start

Football is being played again in Amsterdam. Ajax leads 2-0, but is also warned.

The club had a lead of at least two goals at halftime eleven times this season. The only time Ajax then failed to win was in the away game with Emmen: a 3-3 draw after 1-3 at halftime.

AJA-EMM | Rest signal in Amsterdam

Also in Amsterdam, the players seek the dressing rooms. It is halftime at Ajax-FC Emmen, where the home team leads and Edson Álvarez suffers.

The Mexican is frustrated after his silly yellow card, which cost him the cracker against PSV.

FOR-AZ | Quarter break

It’s halftime in Sittard, where AZ holds a reassuring 2-0 lead thanks to Jens Odgaard and Milos Kerkez.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-2

AZ doubles the lead in Sittard and that is mainly due to Milos Kerkez.

The Hungarian left-back works his way forward through the Limburg defense and rounds it off himself.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-2

AJA-EMM | 32′ Álvarez misses cracker against PSV

Ajax will have to do without an important pawn in Eindhoven next week. Edson Álvarez will miss the game with PSV due to a suspension.

The Mexican committed a foul and received his tenth yellow card of the season. Never before has an Ajax player received so many yellow cards in one season.

Coach John Heitinga peps up Edson Álvarez, who visibly balks at his yellow card

AZ takes the lead in Sittard. Tijjani Reijnders puts Jens Odgaard away and he does not fail.

It is Odgaard’s ninth goal of this premier league season.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-1

FOR-AZ | 20′ Still no spectacle in Sittard

It is still waiting for the first real chances in the encounter between Fortuna Sittard and AZ.

The visitors occasionally report in front, but the right coordination is still lacking.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-0

AZ’er Yukinari Sugawara shakes off his opponent

AJA-EMM | 3′ Great opportunity Emmen

We are barely three minutes in when FC Emmen make their first appearance at the Johan Cruijff Arena.

Jeremy Antonisse serves the free standing Richairo Zivkovic, but Ajax goalkeeper Gerónimo Rulli prevents a counter goal.

FOR-AZ | Again, the ball rolls.

The spectators are ready, Serdar Gözübüyük has whistled and Vangelis Pavlidis has kicked off: Fortuna-AZ has also started.

Fortuna Sittard – AZ: 0-0

White-red-white against red-white-red, or Ajax against FC Emmen, is underway.

Will Ajax nestle back alongside PSV in second place or will Emmen pick up crucial points in the fight against relegation?

FC Twente footballer unwell in players’ bus

An FC Twente player became unwell during the return journey after the match at FC Utrecht. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance, the club from Enschede confirmed.

“The only thing we can say about it is that the player in question is conscious,” a spokesman said.

For privacy reasons, FC Twente is not saying who is involved. FC Twente lost the match at FC Utrecht 1-0 earlier in the afternoon.

CAM-FEY | 83′ Hardly any chances left

The match between Cambuur and Feyenoord ripples toward the end.

Just now there were some concerns at Feyenoord when Orkun Kökçü went to the grass, but the captain of the Rotterdammers can continue.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-3

CAM-FEY | 73′ Feyenoord changes

Now that the three points are in, Feyenoord coach Arne Slot is hitting the switch.

Paixão, Geertruida and Idrissi make way for Jahanbakhsh, Pedersen and Dilrosun.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-3

CAM-FEY | 64′ GOAL Feyenoord!

What happens there? Calvin Mac-Intosch may well sink through the ground as he drollly heads the ball behind his own goalkeeper.

Thus, thanks to the Cambuur defender, Feyenoord takes a 3-0 lead. The Rotterdammers can slowly set their sights on next Thursday’s return against AS Roma in the Europa League.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-3

Feyenoord goalkeeper Justin Bijlow knows the spoils are in, though

CAM-FEY | 52′ GOAL Feyenoord!

There’s the second goal for Feyenoord. Idrissi brings the ball to Sebastian Szymanski, who swings it nicely into the goal with his left.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-2

Football is playing again in Leeuwarden, where frontrunner Feyenoord cherishes a 1-0 lead against straggler SC Cambuur.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-1

Still nail-biting for Arsenal?

The lead over Manchester City, which has played one less game, is still four points.

Manchester United still playing at Nottingham Forest on Sunday night

CAM-FEY | Rest in Leeuwarden

We are halfway through in Leeuwarden, where Feyenoord goes to rest with a 1-0 lead.

Santiago Giménez was responsible for the – so far only – goal.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-1

CAM-FEY | 45′ Again the post for Feyenoord

Just before half-time Feyenoord were again close to a second goal. Lutsharel Geertruida surprised Cambuur goalie Ruiter, but hit the post.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-1

CAM-FEY | 36′ Van Wermeskerken tests Bijlow

In terms of creating chances, Cambuur is off the mark. Sai van Wermeskerken can strike from distance, but Feyenoord goalkeeper Bijlow is at his post.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-1

CAM-FEY | 31′ Giménez hits the post

For bottom-placed Cambuur, there is not much else to do against Feyenoord for now but hold back.

Now Santiago Giménez, the maker of the only goal so far, shoots from distance at the post.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-1

CAM-FEY | 20′ Nearly hit again for Feyenoord

Feyenoord is close to scoring 2-0 a few minutes after the opening goal.

A header by Igor Paixão splashes onto the crossbar above Cambuur goalkeeper Ruiter.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-1

CAM-FEY | 17′ GOAL Feyenoord!

Feyenoord scores and of course it’s Santiago Giménez. The Mexican striker strikes after a cross from Paixão.

So the Giménez meter keeps running: the counter now stands at eleven goals in the premier league.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-1

Santiago Giménez gets his head behind the ball and puts Feyenoord up 1-0

CAM-FEY | 12′ Idrissi close for Feyenoord

Now Feyenoord are creating serious danger in Leeuwarden. Giménez keeps the overview and serves Oussama Idrissi, but he finds Cambuur goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter in his way.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-0

CAM-FEY | 9′ Near-chance Giménez

There is the first opportunity for Feyenoord visiting Cambuur.

A cross from Paixão reaches striker Santiago Giménez, but he does not get his foot to the ball.

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-0

CAM-FEY | Starting signal sounds

Today’s fourth premier league game has begun: Cambuur against Feyenoord.

Will the Rotterdammers take the next step towards the national title?

SC Cambuur – Feyenoord: 0-0

UTR-TWE | Ready in Utrecht

Over and out in Stadion Galgenwaard, where FC Utrecht had no complaints about luck this afternoon.

Three times an FC Twente goal was disallowed for offside, after which Van de Streek became the matchwinner.

The match report can be found here.

It’s over in Volendam. For PSV, the win was actually not really in danger anymore in the closing stages.

A difficult victory for the Eindhoveners, but important points in the battle for second place.

Want to read the match report? Click here.

VOL-PSV | 80′ PSV with scare free

Volendam tries to keep PSV under pressure in the hunt for the equalizer.

Gaetano Oristanio gets a good shot opportunity, but bumps into PSV goalkeeper Walter Benitez.

UTR-TWE | 70′ GOAL Utrecht!

You will always see that: where FC Twente sees a goal disallowed for the third time due to offside, FC Utrecht scores.

Sander van de Streek is the goal scorer.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 1-0

Sander van de Streek (center) put Utrecht into the lead

UTR-TWE | 69′ Three times no luck for Twente

And once again a line goes through a FC Twente goal. Ricky van Wolfswinkel scores, but again it is offside.

That means the Tukkers are now on a hat-trick of disallowed goals.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

VOL-PSV | 74′ Volendam fans thank Joey Veerman

“Joey, thanks,” chanted the Volendam supporters, who, to their relief, saw Joey Veerman miss a huge chance for the 4-2.

VOL-PSV | 70′ Final Phase Breaks

There are nearly twenty minutes left to play in Volendam.

The home team occasionally reports in front, but now PSV attacker Thorgan Hazard is dangerous with a distance shot.

UTR-TWE | 60′ Still no goals

At FC Utrecht-FC Twente, sixty minutes are now on the clock.

Although the visitors also have the better of the game at the beginning of the second half, no goals have yet been scored.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

VOL-PSV | 55′ GOAL Volendam!

After a good start of the second half, with chances for Oristanio and Henk Veerman among others, it is a goal for FC Volendam.

Xavier Mbuyamba kicks convincingly after a corner and provides the tying goal.

UTR-TWE | Subtopper in Utrecht continues

The match between FC Utrecht and FC Twente, ranked number seven and six, is on again.

Will FC Twente turn the superiority into a necessary victory or will they give up ground against direct rival Sparta?

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

Tough day Orange goalkeepers

It is apparently not the day of the goalkeepers of the Dutch national team anyway. Not only for Jasper Cillessen, but also for Bart Verbruggen things are not going well.

Verbruggen has to fish five times with Anderlecht on a visit to KRC Genk. The Belgian frontrunner wins 5-2.

Bart Verbruggen can’t hide his frustration: Anderlecht loses 5-2 to Genk

UTR-TWE | Also rest in Utrecht

The entertaining first half between FC Utrecht and FC Twente is over.

Although Douvikas gets another chance in injury time (he kicks at the roof of the goal) at half-time the score is still 0-0.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

UTR-TWE | 35′ Higler introduces Utrecht chance

A humorous moment in Utrecht, where referee Dennis Higler stands in the way during an FC Twente attack.

In the counter attack Utrecht seems to take advantage immediately through striker Douvikas, but his effort is defused by Julio Pleguezuelo.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

PSV takes the lead in Volendam. While the home team thinks of attacking, it is completely open in the counterpunch.

Joey Veerman sends Guus Til away, who enables Luuk de Jong to score.

Cup final won’t be an Eindhoven party

The cup final in women’s soccer this season will be between FC Twente and PSV. The team from Enschede prevented an Eindhoven showdown by winning 0-2 against Jong PSV in the semifinals.

On Saturday, PSV’s first team already qualified for the final match in The Hague by beating ADO 1-4.

Read more about the semi-final between Jong PSV and FC Twente here.

Marit Auee kicks in the 0-2 for FC Twente

UTR-TWE | 23′ Another Twente goal disallowed

Where in the opening period a line went through Brenet’s goal, now another FC Twente goal is cancelled.

Sem Steijn scores, but VAR found that Vaclav Cerny was offside leading up to that goal.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

UTR-TWE | 15′ Twente starts strong

FC Twente took control of Utrecht from the start. Just moments ago Sem Steijn got into scoring position, but a last-minute intervention by Mark van der Maarel prevented the opening goal.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

UTR-TWE | 9′ Goal Twente disallowed

FC Twente thought they would take the lead in Utrecht from a free kick, but because Ricky van Wolfswinkel was initially offside, Joshua Brenet’s header goal was disallowed.

FC Utrecht – FC Twente 0-0

VOL-PSV | 6′ Veerman vs.

No highlights yet in Volendam, where Henk and Joey Veerman face each other for the second time in a premier league match.

Earlier this season Henk Veerman scored the honorary goal on behalf of FC Volendam when PSV won 7-1 in Eindhoven.

Almere wins, no celebration in Zwolle yet

In Zwolle, the beer and champagne can go back into the fridge for a while. Had ADO Den Haag won at Almere City, promotion to the premier league would have been a fact for PEC Zwolle.

Despite a 2-0 deficit, however, Almere City in The Hague took all three points (2-3 win). No celebration in Zwolle for a while yet.

You can read more about Almere City’s fine win here.

Just when Vitesse seems to have the spoils, NEC quickly does something back. Dirk Proper scores the 1-3 with a fine long-distance shot.

Is something possible for NEC after all?

NEC-VIT | 65′ NEC shows up

Under the encouragement of the crowd, which also cheers on the so far particularly hapless goalkeeper Cillessen, NEC goes hunting for the tying goal.

Among other things, it leads to a shot opportunity for Landry Dimata. A free kick by Lasse Schöne ends up on the post.

NEC-VIT | 57′ Cillessen escapes

Where an earlier mistake cost a goal, this time NEC goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen got away with a scare. He just threw the ball into the feet of Kacper Kozlowski, who shot directly at the woodwork.

The ball went in for Vitesse moments later, but that situation was flagged for offside.

NEC-VIT | 13′ Rich History

It has been 100 years since the first league matches between Vitesse and NEC. In March 1923, Vitesse won both encounters: 1-2 in Nijmegen and 3-1 in Arnhem.

This is the 60th Gelderland derby in a premier league context. Of the previous 59 editions, Vitesse won 23, NEC 19 and the game ended undecided 17 times.

NEC-VIT | Tannane missing in Nijmegen

Oussama Tannane is missing from NEC’s squad. Tannane, who has not yet recovered from a hamstring injury, received a red card during the Gelderland derby in Arnhem earlier this season.

The Nijmegen side (W2-G4-V1) won 2 of their 7 premier league games this season without Tannane.

‘Ajax and AZ aces for Swedish midfielder’

Ajax and AZ are interested in Carl Gustafsson, according to Sweden’s Sportbladet. The 23-year-old midfielder currently plays for Kalmar FF. He made his debut for the national team in January.

In addition to Ajax and AZ, Club Brugge, Fiorentina and Eintracht Frankfurt are also said to be interested in Gustafsson. His contract expires at the end of 2023.

Quartet of Feyenoord players train externally: ‘Footballers are in excuses world’

More and more soccer players are looking outside the club for ways to become mentally and physically fitter and stronger. So do Feyenoorders Orkun Kökçü, Danilo, Lutsharel Geertruida and Mo Taabouni. They can be found several times a week in the gym of personal trainer Jordan Kroon. “We look for the upper limit so they can make the difference with competitors,” he said.

Lazy soccer players

“I would venture to say that soccer players are lazy.” Kroon does not mince words. In his gym in Rotterdam-Noord he receives top athletes from different sports every day. “As a result, soccer players are confronted with how hard especially individual athletes train for their goals.”

“Football players are used to working at the lower limit. So they’re not used to training hard and getting outside their comfort zone. Really getting deep into the red zone. When things aren’t going well, soccer players can also always point to external factors like the crowd, the coach and fellow players not delivering. Often you see that they are in a world of excuses.”

Orkun Kökcü

Kayleigh Williams