Real Madrid late past Cadiz, senior Williams decides Basque derby

Real Madrid late past Cadiz, senior Williams decides Basque derby
Karim Benzema celebrates with Nacho and Rodrygo.

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Real Madrid pushed FC Barcelona’s upcoming La Liga title forward a week. Against Cadiz, which Real had already taken points off twice last year, The Royal won with difficulty: 2-0.

Real pressed Cádiz right back, but the home team had the first chance: captain Alfonso Espino hit the post with a diagonal shot.

Cádiz stood well defensively and had an extra asset in goalkeeper David Gil: the 29-year-old Madrilean, trained at Atlético Madrid, had only four games at the highest level behind his name until this season.

A suspension of first choice Conan Ledesma allowed Gil to stand under the crossbar against Real for the fourth time in a row, and he did so convincingly. Before half-time, he saved dangerous shots by Marco Asensio, Karim Benzema and several attempts by the out-and-out Rodrygo.

Goalkeeper David Gil was the standout in the game with Real Madrid for a long time.

And when Gil was beaten anyway, the crossbar came to his rescue. Benzema’s shot hit the underside of the crossbar and the ball rebounded off the goal line.

After halftime, Gil Cádiz held firm on big chances for Asensio, Rodrygo and Valverde. When Benzema hit the post, desperation struck Real. Nacho broke the spell with a shot from distance more than 15 minutes before time. Four minutes later, Asensio also took advantage of the space created in the closing stages.

Eldest Williams star in Basque derby

The Basque derby between Athletic Club (seventh in La Liga) and Real Sociedad (fourth) ended in a victory for the home club: 2-0. Big man was again Iñaki Williams, who scored two goals.

Iñaki Williams was the celebrated man in the Basque derby with two goals.

In Bilbao, Athletic was clearly the better side, but initially lacked luck in finishing. For example, Spanish international Nico Williams was close to scoring twice before his older brother Iñaki (Ghanaian international) decided the game.

On his first, he had some luck, as the ball seemed to momentarily touch his elbow. With the second, he left no room for doubt: Williams shot the ball like a flare into the roof of the goal.

Real Sociedad remains in the important fourth spot in La Liga, but does see Real Betis – which won 3-1 over Espanyol – coming awfully close. The difference between the two is still only three points.

The standings in La Liga.

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