U.S. documents reveal possible presence of NATO special forces in Ukraine

U.S. documents reveal possible presence of NATO special forces in Ukraine

France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Those are, at the very least, NATO member countries that would have troops deployed in Ukraine.as revealed in the Pentagon papers leaked a few days ago. The White House does not confirm this, although there are officials who recognize the authenticity of the documents and London, for example, has already come out against the information to deny that it has forces introduced in the middle of the war. If one travels through history, in the end the story may precisely resemble the primary Pentagon Papers, which are those that uncovered U.S. involvement in Vietnam between 1945 and 1967.

Now the situation is different and for the time being the Biden Administration has already restricted access to the documents, which were leaked by a young man (who has already been arrested) stationed at a U.S. military baseas advanced by The Washington Post. O.G. -that is his initials- passed on the information for months, which would refer to the beginning of 2023.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre indicated during a press conference that. the Pentagon “is already taking steps to restrict access to this information.” and has recalled that it is “secret”, although he has not downplayed the issue as neither has President Biden from Ireland, who defended the investigations being carried out. “We are analyzing the repercussions for national security and I can add that, in order to reduce the impact that the publication of these documents could have on the United States and allies, we are taking this matter seriously”, said the White House on the steps being taken to limit the scope of these files.

Aerial view of the Pentagon, Washington DC.

However, Biden has declined to comment further on the seriousness of the leak, stressing that an assessment is ongoing. “As I said, the Justice Department is now assessing the situation, so I won’t get ahead of myself.”he pointed out. He also insisted that the White House has expressed the government’s “concern about possible threats” to the United States.

The Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Oleksey Reznikov, also reacted on the matter and said that the leak “is not to anyone’s liking”, but insisted on his “full confidence” in the United States and asked to “analyze the leaks with a magnifying glass”. because “many” documents are not real and others would be outdated. “It is a mixture of the truth and the untruth,” he has launched before clarifying that the document that would prove that there are NATO troops battling in Ukraine is false. There are only, he assured, military attachés from the embassies.

According to the documents, U.S. officials estimated that 50 of the 97 members of special forces from active NATO countries in Ukraine were British, while the US and France accounted for 14 and 15 special forces personnel, respectively. Instead, the Rishi Sunak government has come out against the data and called the leaks “grossly inaccurate”, although some sources suggest that these are simply so-called liaison forces and therefore have no direct activity on the ground in Ukraine.

Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and Vladimir Putin shake hands after their meeting in Cairo.

Most of the leaked documents are related to the Russian invasion and give details about U.S. and NATO plans to reinforce the Ukrainian offensive. In addition, the information points to the fact that Washington may have been spying on some of its closest allies, such as Ukraine itself, South Korea and Israel.

The barrage of leaks began last Friday, continued over the weekend and has continued this week. The impact it will have is still unknown, but some analysts have compared it to the one the country experienced in 2013, when former analyst Edward Snowden exposed the extent of the massive spying programs that the U.S. put in place in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Kayleigh Williams