RKC-Twente could become piquant due to transfer Oosting: ‘Can’t change it’

RKC-Twente could become piquant due to transfer Oosting: ‘Can’t change it’

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Indeed, RKC and Twente meet in the penultimate premier league round in Waalwijk (May 21) and both clubs are still in the race for European soccer.

Oosting hopes to guide RKC to the playoffs, while Twente wants to avoid the nacompetition by finishing fourth. That place entitles them to a spot in the second preliminary round of the Conference League.

And should Twente do end up in the playoffs, the club may once again face its future coach.

Tricky situation

“We can’t change it,” laughs FC Twente technical director Jan Streuer, who together with Arnold Bruggink (the former pro has been inducted since March 1 to succeed Streuer in Enschede this summer) is responsible for Oosting’s appointment.

“Chances are then that the stakes are still high for both clubs.”

RKC-Twente could become piquant for Oosting: ‘Can’t change’

Streuer acknowledges that a tricky situation could arise for Oosting. “It could get interesting, but I’m a little afraid that he will still do his best for RKC.”

Bosz was dream candidate

Peter Bosz was Streuer’s dream candidate to join Twente. “He felt honored, but still wanted to wait,” says the technical director.

“I can imagine that too, because he has several options. But you have a problem as a club if they say ‘no’ to you after four weeks of waiting, for example.”

Twente director Streuer also spoke to Bosz: ‘Didn’t want to wait for him’

Twente then switched to the less experienced Oosting, who has only had premier league experience as head coach of RKC. “We have no problem with that. He is a stable guy. And otherwise you should always take an experienced trainer, but so that’s not always necessary for us.”

So the end of the premier league season could have a spicy ending for Twente and RKC. And what if the Tukkers are actually thwarted by Oosting?

Streuer cannot suppress laughter in his answer: “That would be very annoying, but also for Joseph, haha.”

Kayleigh Williams