“I told him ‘not as long as I’m president’.”

“I told him ‘not as long as I’m president’.”

In his first interview following his indictment for fraud, former President Donald Trump has reiterated his innocence in a conversation in which he also discussed foreign policy, asserting that Russian President Vladimir Putin, talked to him about Ukraine “very often.”.

He has assured that after seeing how the U.S. Army’s exit from AfghanistanPutin decided to start his offensive: “Before that (the exit from Afghanistan), Putin would never have entered Ukraine. I talked to him very often about that.. But when he saw these idiots, these stupid people …”.

“I could see that he loved (Ukraine), that he considers it part of his country, part of Russia, but I told him ‘not as long as I am president'”he added on the network Fox News.

Former US President Donald Trump.

He has also compared the situation to recent tensions with China over Taiwan.: “I said to China ‘you’re not going into Taiwan, if you do, I’m going to do something very dirty.’ And I said the same thing to Putin, ‘you’re not going into Ukraine.’ And nobody talked about going into Taiwan or going into Ukraine until I was no longer there.”

“And now, what a mess we have in the world“, Trump has stated, explaining that the greatest danger to the world, before global warming, is nuclear armament.

“Ukraine is being obliterated. But let’s say it wasn’t, let’s say they were doing better than expected. If he (Putin) decided to use his second force of destruction, which is nuclear, it would be the end“, he continued.

On his imputation

He has also insisted that his indictment is politically motivated, since. “there is no crime”and has even described the day he went to hear the charges against him as “a very sad day, but also an incredible day”.

“When I was there it was incredible, I was people cryingthe people who work there, professionals who have no problem with taking the fingerprints of murderers, they were there crying and asking me for forgivenesssaying ‘2024, sir,’ I’ve never seen anything like that before,” the former president said.

About Joe Biden

He has also stated that the current president, Joe Biden, is not capable “either physically or mentally.” to participate in the next presidential election race: “It’s not his age, there’s something wrong with him. I saw his answer today on TV about whether he’s going to run again, you can’t have an easier question. And he gave a long answer, talking about eggs, what if this, what if that… . Look, I don’t think he can do it, I don’t see it.”

Asked if he himself would withdraw from the electoral race if he is finally convicted in the case for which he is being investigated, he has assured that “no.” “I would never withdraw from the electoral race, it is not my thing.”he reiterated.

Kayleigh Williams