France distances itself from the U.S. in the Taiwan crisis under the protection of the EU

France distances itself from the U.S. in the Taiwan crisis under the protection of the EU

France has sought to dissociate itself from the tension over Taiwan between China and the United States in the name of “European sovereignty” and the interests of the European Union (EU), which are not to fall into a bloc policy.

“Not because we are the allies of the United Stateswe have to be against China,” French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire stressed Tuesday in an interview on Europe 1 radio station, in which he defended the position of President Emmanuel Macron on his return from an official visit to China last week.

Le Maire insisted that. France defends “the path of dialogue.” and added: “Is it not preferable to confrontation?” “Does Europe need one more conflict? Does the world need one more conflict? No”.

Mirage 2000 fighters of the Taiwanese air force.

For the French minister “Europe must have its own strategic conception.” which does not necessarily coincide with that of the United States, just as the United States also did not take European interests into account when designing its Inflation Reduction Act, the law it adopted last summer to massively subsidize industrialists who produce in the United States.

Ukraine, the real issue

In his view, “the real issue for Europe is Ukraine” and the fact that there. Russia is violating basic principles of the UN Charter. and international law.

One way of implying that what is to be achieved is. China to dissociate itself from Moscow and not to give it aid, and that in order to achieve this Peking must not be indisposed.

It was Macron who, in an interview with the French business daily Les Echos after the end of his official visit to China last Friday, he made a wake-up call to the EU and become “the third center” of world influence vis-à-vis the United States and China so as not to be marginalized from history.

Chinese military exercises in the Taiwan Strait.

On the Taiwan crisis, the French president states that the interest of the Europeans. is not that this crisis should accelerate.

“The worst thing,” he argues, “would be to believe that we Europeans would have to to go on in this matter And adapt to the pace of the United States and an overreaction by China.”

According to his analysis, if the situation degenerates between Washington and PekingEuropeans “will have neither the time nor the means to finance our strategic autonomy and we will become vassals when we can be the third center if we have a few years to build it up”.

Kayleigh Williams