Death toll rises to five after shooting in Louisville (U.S.)

Death toll rises to five after shooting in Louisville (U.S.)

Five people have died and eight others have been injured, including two police officersThe police have reported that two police officers were killed in a shooting that occurred Monday morning at a bank in the U.S. city of Louisville (Kentucky, USA), local police said.

The city police reported on Monday night on its Twitter account that. the death toll after the attack rose to five. and identified the latest victim as 57-year-old Deanna Eckert.

The other four fatalities, three men and one woman, ranged in age from 40 to 67.

Perpetrator of the shootinga 25-year-old white male identified as Conner Sturgeon, was “neutralized” by police officers and also died, authorities reported.

The attacker reportedly had a “connection” to the bank and Was an employee or former employee of the financial institution.authorities confirmed at a press conference.

Sturegeon used a rifle to carry out the shooting and live-streamed it on social networksaccording to Louisville Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn Villaroel at a press conference.

“The suspect was live-streaming, it’s kind of tragic to know that the incident was recorded,” the officer has said.

The shooting occurred this morning around 0830 local time at a building in downtown Louisville where one of the headquarters of Old National Bank, a regional bank with branches in the southeastern and midwestern United States, is located.

The building where the shooting occurred. is adjacent to Slugger Field, the baseball field of the local team, the Louisville Bats, one of the busiest areas of this city. located on the Kentucky-Indiana border and home to some 630,000 people.

According to Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a non-profit project that tracks gun violence in the United States, so far in 2023, 10,566 gun incidents have been recorded, ranging from mass shootings to suicides.

GVA defines a mass shooting as one that results in four victims, whether dead or wounded, not including the perpetrator of the attack if he or she died or was injured during the event.

Kayleigh Williams