The freeloading judge : Opinion by Diego Carcedo

The freeloading judge : Opinion by Diego Carcedo

In the United States the Judiciary is an institution with almost sacred ingredients. As it should be. But sometimes the image of judges comes into question and, then, scandal arises. Politicians can trespass ethics, which is increasingly lax, but magistrates, no.

This explains the scandal it has unleashed in the media and opinion circles. the case of the hitherto prestigious Justice Clarence Thomasno less than a member of the Supreme Court of Justice. Mr. Thomas enjoyed a reputation as an exceptional jurist and an implacable judge until someone suddenly discovered that in his private life he enjoyed frequent travel in private planes, summer vacations on super luxury yachtsand meals in restaurants with bunches of forks. And, most surprisingly, that all without dropping a dollar from his pocketThis is understandable if one takes into account that the salary of a judge, no matter how prestigious, is not enough.

The key to the mystery has just been discovered. Justice Thomas had been counting on a financial friend for more than ten years., Texan billionaire Harlan Crowwho paid all his expenses. Crow is a wealthy family man who finances the Republican Party with ten million dollars. and has as his avowed aim in his public activity to get Justice more integrated into the political right.

Meanwhile, some irregularities had long since been revealed in his business dealings in courts over which Thomas presided or was a member. Thomasprobably more familiar with the luxury than with the press, immediately was quick to admit that he had no idea who was paying for his expenses in his work and research. nor had he ever bothered to find out.

He acknowledged, however, that Crow is his friend. As the explanation was not convincing to the journalists, he ended up assuring them that there was no need to be surprised because other colleagues were doing the same thing. One can imagine the impact that such a statement has had on the Judiciary, especially among judges whose salaries make it difficult to make ends meet.

Kayleigh Williams