Bosz still hasn’t had a call from Ajax: ‘Would like to talk’

Bosz still hasn’t had a call from Ajax: ‘Would like to talk’

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Peter Bosz is clubless and last week announced on the Ziggo program Rondo that he was open to head coaching at Ajax. If the Amsterdammers were to call, he would say ‘yes’. Reason enough to ask him in Studio Voetbal whether he has already been called after this ‘open application’.

The answer is clear. “No,” Bosz says. “But if Ajax calls, I would start talking.” At the Amsterdam club, John Heitinga is now in charge of the group. Heitinga himself wants to continue as trainer after the summer, he indicated earlier today, but the position is still vacant.

Bosz still hasn’t had a call from Ajax: ‘Would like to talk’

That there has not yet been any contact between Ajax and Bosz surprises the other guests at the table. Jeroen Stekelenburg finds it “a bit miraculous” and, according to Ibrahim Afellay, Bosz is “in every way the ideal man for Ajax.”

After his dismissal from Olympique Lyonnais, in October 2022, Bosz is without a club. In his coaching career, he already had Ajax under his wing once. That was in the 2016/2017 season. He was also at the helm of Vitesse, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen, among others.

Mislintat presented on Monday or Tuesday?

From his time at Dortmund, Bosz knows Sven Mislintat, the man Ajax has its eye on for the position of technical director. NOS has been in contact with Mislintat and the German said, “Just call back on Tuesday, there will be more clarity.”

“That seems to have been clinched, it seems to come around in the next few days,” Stekelenburg said. The table then concluded that appointing Mislintat “need not be an obstacle” for Bosz. After all, the latter was already once probed by the German to become trainer at Stuttgart.

Heitinga on future at Ajax: ‘They are working hard behind the scenes’

Not only Bosz’s career was discussed in Studio Football, also the recent incidents involving supporters in Dutch stadiums was an unavoidable topic.

Despondent of supporter incidents

The week began Tuesday with homophobic verbal cries at the Spakenburg-PSV cup game directed at Xavi Simons. A day later, things went wrong at Feyenoord-Ajax, when Davy Klaassen was hit by a lighter from the Feyenoord box.

The KNVB came up with stricter rules, but it was soon hit again when MVV fans threw fireworks on the pitch. “It doesn’t make me despondent, but it does make me angry,” Bosz said.

Angry Bosz on stadium incidents: ‘You need politics for this’

Bosz: “The clubs are not going to solve this on their own. I think you really need politics for this as well. It’s deeper in society. Society is hardening.” He also cites England as an example.

“I think it was a bit worse there and they have it pretty well under control there now. Well because politics helped there.”

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