Beerensteyn gets retake in striker at Orange after misses against Germany

Beerensteyn gets retake in striker at Orange after misses against Germany
Lineth Beerensteyn

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In the search for a replacement for the badly injured Vivianne Miedema, Lineth Beerensteyn will get a second chance tomorrow. The Juventus striker will once again be in the striker’s box for the Oranje, who will play a friendly against Poland at Het Kasteel in Rotterdam.

On Friday, Beerensteyn was also in the starting lineup against Germany (0-1 defeat) and missed a number of good chances. “Of course I was disappointed about that, but a day later you already look ahead again,” said the 26-year-old striker. “We played extremely well against Germany, but unfortunately did not win.”

“Then you start analyzing for yourself how and what. I know I can do it: score goals. That they didn’t go in this time is sour.”

Beerensteyn: ‘I know I can score goals, sour that it didn’t work out’

The practice international with Poland tomorrow is exactly one hundred days before the start of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. According to national coach Andries Jonker, the fact that Beerensteyn is in the striker position again says nothing about next summer’s tournament.


“We have different types of strikers,” Jonker said. “Lineth, for example, has a lot of quality at speed. She is the only one in our group with so much speed.”

In February, the Netherlands recorded a 4-0 practice victory over Austria, thanks in part to two goals by Beerensteyn. “The last few internationals she was always very dangerous,” the national coach believes. “Against Austria it was with goals, against Germany without.”

Jonker: ‘Being a professional footballer means reaching a good level every day’

Jonker thinks Beerensteyn is learning from missed opportunities. “Making mistakes is part of it. You shouldn’t let that distract you. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t get better either.”


With Poland as a sparring partner, the Dutch already look with a slanted eye at the opening match of the World Cup against Portugal. They are two teams of similar strength, Jonker estimates. “Poland is a tough opponent, which together with a few other countries, such as Portugal, is getting closer and closer to the top. If we win against them, we can be proud and satisfied.”

“Because this is a serious opponent and individually they have some excellent players,” he is referring in particular to Ewa Pajor, top scorer of Germany’s top club VfL Wolfsburg.

Leading up to the World Cup, the Orange will play a number of times against teams from Europe’s subtop such as Austria and Poland. “You have to show it every time,” Jonker warns his players. “With the big goal of winning against Portugal later.”

“Being a professional soccer player means being good every day. You can’t be top every day, but you have to reach a good level every day. You see that development now in women’s soccer as well. I enjoy the level in the Champions League.”

Beerensteyn wants to reach another high level against Poland. She is not keen to revenge for the missed chances against Germany. “Because when you do get extra keen, you start playing above your own ability and the balls just don’t go in.”

“It can happen to the best to miss chances, now it happened to me. But as a team we always stick together. Hopefully they will go in tomorrow.”

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