PEC Zwolle calls fans’ behavior after match in Eindhoven “totally unacceptable”

PEC Zwolle calls fans’ behavior after match in Eindhoven “totally unacceptable”
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PEC Zwolle disapproves of the behavior of a group of supporters after Friday’s away match against FC Eindhoven. PEC supporters allegedly assaulted a number of teenagers outside Eindhoven’s stadium, after which the police intervened. “Totally unacceptable,” PEC Zwolle said.

The Zwolle soccer club lost 4-2 in Eindhoven. According to police, a group of some 40 PEC supporters sought confrontation with police after the match. They did not walk to the supporters’ buses but to an adjacent field hockey field. There, a group of youths of about 15 to 16 years old was playing soccer.

Police reported that about a dozen supporters threatened the teenagers and blows were dealt. One of the teens suffered facial injuries as a result. The rioters were eventually forced towards the buses by police. In the process, the police were assaulted with rocks, street furniture and cans of beer.

Police detained only one person because the focus was on restoring order. An investigation was launched to track down other rioters.

‘Club discredited by ‘supporters”’

PEC Zwolle emphatically distances itself from the behavior of supporters in a message on its website. The club is still waiting for more information from the police and does not yet know all the facts, but calls the behavior of the supporters completely unacceptable.

“With this behavior, a small group of ‘supporters’ brings the club into disrepute. Moreover, this causes frustration to the vast majority of our supporters who fantastically support the club week in and week out. On really everyone who is part of and loves the club in any way, this radiates very negatively,” the club said.

After the Easter weekend, when the club has more information, PEC Zwolle will announce what measures will be taken.

Supporters collective: ‘reporting far from the truth’

Supporters’ collective PEC Zwolle writes in a reaction that the story is different. According to the collective, a group of nine supporters were actually challenged by a group on the field hockey field when coming out of the away box.

“A brief skirmish ensued,” according to the collective it should not be called a confrontation. When it was shouted that they were children, the group returned to the buses, according to the collective, reports RTV Oost. There was no mention of weapons such as baseball bats and iron bars, according to the supporters present, the supporters’ collective writes.

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