Grillitsch in the base at Ajax – Yilmaz just plays for Fortuna

Grillitsch in the base at Ajax – Yilmaz just plays for Fortuna

In the Johan Cruijff Arena the warm-up is in full swing, in fifteen minutes the kickoff will be at Ajax-Fortuna.

Earlier this season, the two teams faced each other in the first round of play. The Limburgers led at halftime, but Ajax drew 2-3.

EMM-NEC | 90+6′ Finished

It remains 0-0 in Emmen and the home club should not grumble about that, as NEC got by far the most chances.

It is already the fourteenth draw for the team from Nijmegen this season. The premier league record therefore remains in sight. Sparta (1974/75), PEC Zwolle (1978/79) and FC Twente (1988/89) once drew 18 times in one season.

Lasse Schöne takes a dropped ball almost perfectly on the boot. The ball sails toward the cross, but – pats – the sound can be heard throughout the stadium. The outside of the post prevents a late goal for NEC.

EMM-NEC | 86′ No goal of the year

Robust Emmen midfielder Veendorp makes an attempt at goal of the year. With a pirouette, he gets rid of an NEC player, then takes a shot from about 45 yards out.

Unfortunately, the ball goes far wide.

EMM-NEC | 74′ Is Cillessen still awake?

Finally Emmen comes out again. Bouchouari shows a fine cross and Romeny heads towards goal, but NEC goalkeeper Cillessen grabs the ball firmly.

Moments later, Cillessen has to tap a shot from Antonisse over. Will Emmen go on the offensive?

The ball just won’t go in for NEC. Substitute Musaba plays off two Emmen defenders at his first ball contact and serves Dimata, but the Belgian striker shoots wide in promising position.

EMM-NEC | Waiting for the 0-1

Emmen barely gets out of their own half after halftime. It is waiting for a goal from NEC in this phase. Dimata is close, but his volley goes just wide of the short corner.

NEC starts the second half strongly. Mattsson is in with a chance, but his effort is blocked by an Emmen defender. Moments later, Dimata wastes a dangerous moment by standing on the ball.

AJA-FOR | The lineups

Florian Grillitsch is the most notable name in the Ajax starting lineup. The Austrian midfielder plays because Kudus suffered a hamstring injury in the cup match against Feyenoord.

Grillitsch has been at the kickoff of a premier league game once before: Ajax – Go Ahead (1-1) in October.

At Fortuna Sittard, Burak Yilmaz is simply in the starting lineup. The Turkish striker seemed to announce his farewell on Instagram last week after the 3-1 win over FC Groningen. The 37-year-old Yilmaz was whistled at by his own crowd and appeared to be owed salary from Fortuna.

On the stroke of halftime, another good chance for NEC. Dimata comes just too late to slide in a free kick from Schöne.

NEC was the dominant team in the first half. But Emmen also managed to become dangerous on the counter regularly.

It’s quite a nice game in Emmen for now, although you do have the idea that the game has yet to loosen up.

Emmen striker Zivkovic balks after missed opportunity

EMM-NEC | 41′ NEC players angry with each other

Tavsan uses his speed and trumps Emmen defender Veldmate. It produces a sudden chance for NEC. Tavsan decides to shoot himself and pops rakishly over.

To the anger of striker Dimata, who would have liked to have gotten the ball. The two attackers exchange unfriendly words and face each other. Other NEC players intervene.

NEC’ers Tavsan and Dimata are not happy with each other for a while

EMM-NEC | 31′ All hands on deck

For a moment it is all hands on deck at the back of Emmen. A cross from Cisokko creates a lot of threat. Dimata headed the ball towards goal, where Mattsson managed to touch it. Emmen goalkeeper Van der Hart tapped the ball away.

Moments later Dimata shoots at goal in a full penalty area. An Emmen defender blocks the ball. NEC claims a penalty kick for hands, but the replay shows that it is unjustified.

Things are going nicely up and down between Emmen and NEC, although the home team gets the better chances for now.

Now a high cross goes towards Te Wierik, who heads the ball in front of goal. Romeny comes just too late to fire at Cillessen’s goal.

Schöne just gives the ball away to Emmen, which comes out dangerously. Zivkovic’s cross is a fraction too hard for Antonisse. The young attacker still touches the ball, but Cillessen can save.

EMM-NEC | 6′ Goal Emmen disallowed

Zivkovic shoots off target, but isn’t he offside? After the players are cheered out, the inexorable verdict of VAR follows: the striker was indeed half a meter offside before sliding the ball past Cillessen. It remains 0-0.

Zivkovic’s goal is disallowed for offside

Emmen goalkeeper Van der Hart lets a shot by Mattsson slip. The ball glides agonizingly slowly towards goal, but hits the post.

We switch to the Oude Meerdijk, where FC Emmen are about to take on NEC.

They are numbers 15 and 10 for the premier league. Emmen can use the points well in the fight against relegation.

Twente wins easily 4-0 from Cambuur. In the first half, the Frisians didn’t come close for a moment, after halftime it was a bit more balanced.

The highlight was the appearance of Wout Brama, who played his 300th game for Twente. The midfielder was presented with a bouquet of flowers by his club.

Brama played his 300th game for Twente

TWE-CAM | 77′ Goal Twente!

It becomes 4-0 for Twente. After a one-two with Van Wolfswinkel, Smal gave his third assist of the match. The left back serves right back Brenet, who has the ball in his hands after this fine Twente attack.

FC Twente – SC Cambuur 4-0

Due to a hefty injury, he played his last premier league game in October, but there is Wout Brama again. The now 36-year-old midfielder (already quite a bit grayer at the temples) was allowed to fill in and played his 300th game for FC Twente.

Zerrouki goes out for Brama, who made his debut at Twente eighteen years ago.

Wout Brama ready to fill in

TWE-CAM | 61′ What a miss!

That should have been the 4-0 for Twente. Cerny offered Steijn a chance, but the midfielder shot high over from close range.

It is finally another good Twente attack, because after halftime Cambuur shows a completely different face than in the first half. Twente goalkeeper Unnerstall actually had to make his first two saves of the afternoon moments before.

Imposed chance for Steijn, but he shoots high over

TWE-CAM | 52′ Twente answers

Twente shows that it also wants to score some goals after halftime. Van Wolfswinkel gets a great shooting chance, but Van Kaam manages to block the ball on behalf of Cambuur.

TWE-CAM | 48′ First attempt Cambuur

Cambuur register the first goal attempt of the afternoon. A distance shot by Foor bumps a meter or two wide of Unnerstall’s goal.

It is not very threatening yet, but at least the Frisians show their intentions.

TWE-CAM | 46′ Four substitutions

Cambuur coach Ultee might have preferred to change eleven men, but unfortunately for him that is not allowed. As a result ‘only’ four substitutions at halftime.

Breij, Schmidt, Paulissen and Johnsen stayed behind in the dressing room. Uldrikis, Jacobs, Balk and Van Wermeskerken were allowed to show they could do better.

The statistics of the first half

Ball possession: Twente 65% – Cambuur 35%

Goal attempts: Twente 19 – Cambuur 0

Corners: Twente 6 – Cambuur 0

Obviously, Twente has no child to the weak Cambuur. The straggler has no business in the premier league this way.

FC Twente is the first team this season with at least 19 goal attempts in the first half. Ajax (17 against Excelsior) and sc Heerenveen (17 against RKC Waalwijk) had the highest number of shots until today.

Twente celebrates Vlap’s goal

Misidjan may have missed a life-size chance, but the left-winger is one of the best players on the field. He spins poor Cambuur defender Schmidt all over the place.

Now Misidjan sets up an attack that culminates in a shooting chance for Steijn. The midfielder places the ball just wide of the goal.

TWE-CAM | 35′ All 3-0

There’s the 3-0 right there. Left back Smal gives his second assist of the afternoon. End of the attack this time is Sem Steijn, who shoots the third behind poor Ruiter with a nick.

Cambuur plays the 300th match in the premier league in club history, but it will be one to quickly forget.

FC Twente – SC Cambuur 3-0

Steijn taps in the 3-0

Twente’s hunger is not yet satisfied. A corner kick allows Pröpper to head in. With an excellent reflex, Cambuur goalkeeper Ruiter prevents a third goal.

The Frisians go like meek lambs to the slaughter today. If Twente wants to, it can book a monster victory.

TWE-CAM | 27′ Goal Twente!

And there is the 2-0 for Twente, which has no child to the weak Cambuur. With a wonderful combination via Smal, Vlap gets the ball in the penalty area. He takes the ball well and shoots it in.

It was also a very long time ago for Vlap to score. His last goal was no less than 352 days ago. On April 22, 2022, Vlap scored against Sparta (2-0 win). Since then, the attacking midfielder played 29 premier league matches without scoring,

Vlap shoots in the 2-0

TWE-CAM | 19′ How to get it in!

That seemed like a piece of cake, but not on Easter Sunday. A distance shot by Vlap requires Cambuur goalkeeper Ruiter to release the ball. The rebound falls to Misidjan, who has the ball in front of an almost empty goal.

But he shoots it wide!

Misidjan fails to make the 2-0

TWE-CAM | 12′ Goal Twente!

It couldn’t be delayed, FC Twente gets to 1-0. The home team gets all the time and space to combine in the penalty area. Cerny serves Van Wolfswinkel and the striker slides the ball easily into the far corner with his inside foot.

Van Wolfswinkel was dry for nine duels until today. His last goal was 791 minutes ago, more than 13 hours.

FC Twente – SC Cambuur 1-0

Van Wolfswinkel pulls out for the 1-0

FC Twente broke through on the right flank and almost immediately hit the target. Brenet crossed the ball and Vlap was able to take advantage, but shot wide via a Cambuur defender.

Real player Valverde hits opponent near players’ bus

Remarkable news from Spain, where Real Madrid player Federico Valverde punched an opponent. The happened after last night’s league match Real Madrid – Villarreal (2-3).

The 24-year-old Uruguayan allegedly waited for Villarreal’s Alex Baena at the players’ bus and slapped him. The two got into an altercation during the match, similar to the earlier match between the two teams.

Baena is considering pressing charges. “Very happy with the impressive victory in Santiago Bernabéu, but at the same time very sad because of the aggression I faced after the match,” Baena wrote on Twitter. “I am also surprised by what is being said about me.”

According to Spanish media, Baena allegedly told Valverde earlier this year, “cry now that your son is not going to be born.” At the time, there were problems with Valverde’s wife’s pregnancy. Baena denies that he intended to provoke the Uruguayan with this. “It is totally untrue that I said anything about that,” he said.

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