Leak shows depth of U.S. spying on Russia

Leak shows depth of U.S. spying on Russia

Classified Pentagon documents leaked on social media show how much the U.S. has penetrated Russian intelligence services and its ability to warn Ukraine about Moscow’s plans and the strength of its war machine, reveals Saturday The New York Times.

Documents, from late February and early Marchbut found on social networks in recent days, speak of a Russian army exhausted in its year-long war against Ukraine and of a military apparatus that is deeply compromised.

But those documents also show that the U.S. appears to be spying on the Ukraine’s top military and politicalin order to have a clear vision of the fighting strategies of that country.

This week the New York Times unveiled the leak of classified documents on social networks, (being investigated by the FBI) detailing U.S. and NATO plans to bolster Ukraine’s offensive in the war against Russia.

The documents contained tables of future arms deliveriesdata on troop and battalion strengths, as well as military plans.

The Pentagon said at the time that it is “analyzing” the publication of these documents on Twitter and Telegramwhich was joined on Friday by the messaging website 4chan, with information on Ukraine, the Middle East and China.

The documents analyzed by the Times lay bare the U.S. assessment of the Ukrainian military, which is also on a desperate situationthe note further states.

According to the newspaper, U.S. officials have stressed that while the documents offer clues about U.S. methods for gathering information on the Russian plansThey do not yet know if any of their sources of information will be cut off as a result of the leak.

He also assures that the publication of the documents complicated relations with the Allied countries and raised doubts about the ability of the United States to keep its secrets.

The leak could also affect diplomatic relations in other ways because these documents make it clear that the U.S. is not only spying on Russia, but also its alliesadds the newspaper.

A senior U.S. official told the newspaper that the Pentagon had instituted procedures in recent days to “block” the distribution of highly confidential briefing papers.

Kayleigh Williams