Who is Karen McDougal, the second woman Donald Trump allegedly paid to keep silent?

Who is Karen McDougal, the second woman Donald Trump allegedly paid to keep silent?

Donald Trump starred in a historic image on Tuesday, when he sat in the dock and pleaded “not guilty” to the 34 charges against him for the Stormy Daniels casewhich investigates the payment to the porn actress to buy her silence. However, the criminal case against the former US president, the first to be charged in the history of the country, is not only based on the alleged affair with Daniels. The prosecutor mentioned another woman, Karen McDougal, who could now expand the criminal case for which he is being investigated.

Karen McDougal, former Playboy model, claimed to have had an extramarital affair with Donald Trump between 2006 and 2007. As in the Stormy Daniels case, the prosecution is now investigating the ins and outs of this hidden relationship and the possible bribes surrounding it, but who is Karen McDougal?

Donald Trump held a press conference early this morning in Florida to respond to his indictment.

Karen McDougal, model and actress

McDougal, a 52-year-old woman born in Indiana (USA), was a model since she was a child and started in the modeling world at an early age. Passionate about dancing and animation, McDougal, nicknamed “Barbie” in her childhood, in 1998, she joined the famous Playboy organizationafter being awarded the title of Model of the Year.

In addition to being part of this famous firm and obtaining numerous recognitions, McDougal continued her modeling career by participating in. magazines such as Men’s Fitness (being the first woman to appear on the cover) or in acting with appearances on films such as Charlie’s Angels (2000) o The Arena (2001).

The famous model of the 1990s would become even better known in 2006, but for an entirely different cause, when. The New Yorker reported on the possible existence of a relationship between the politician and the model.after meeting her at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles (California).

According to BBCMcDougal claimed that she had been in a relationship with Trump for 10 months and that they used to see each other. “a minimum of five times a month.”. Apparently, in 2016 (just before the election campaign), the model would sign an agreement with the newspaper The National Enquirer for $150,000 in which she would exclusively recount her relationship with Donald Trump. However, this article was never published, unknown that extends to this day, in which allegedly bribes may have happened in between.

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