FC Den Bosch playfully apologizes for record defeat

FC Den Bosch playfully apologizes for record defeat
A memento of record defeat

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FC Den Bosch has playfully apologized to supporters for the huge loss against PEC Zwolle last month. The Bossche club lost 13-0 and is now giving fans a memento of the record defeat, writes Omroep Brabant.

The club sent fans a keychain saying, “That was kut, but I was there!” in Brabant dialect. “We know what losing is, but this was quite a lot even for FC Den Bosch standards,” writes general manager Tommie van Alphen in an accompanying letter.

“If we have something to celebrate later, you can say: that was then and this is now. Success-supporter you are for a while, FC’er for life.” Supporter Josse called the memento letter on Twitter “the perfect response.”


PEC’s 13-0 win is the biggest win in professional soccer in the Netherlands. Only Ajax achieved the same score against VVV-Venlo in October 2020.

“This is the low point for me, as a coach and as a player,” coach Jack de Gier said after the dramatic match in Zwolle. “I have never experienced this before, not even with the pupils.”

De Gier was fired immediately after the defeat. The number eighteen in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie said the cooperation with the coach was ended “by mutual agreement.”

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