there are “multiple deaths and injuries” in the central U.S.

there are “multiple deaths and injuries” in the central U.S.

Several people have died and millions are on alert for a destructive storm in the central U.S. state of Missouri on Wednesday, which has recorded several tornadoes.

CNN has reported that the storm has hit Bollinger County and that, according to official sources, there have been “multiple deaths and injuries”. A number of people affected that is unclear because data is still being received of what happened and rescue efforts are ongoing.

About 85 million people remain on alert by a storm system moving toward the central United States, after passing through the states of Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Michigan, where it has been counted a dozen tornadoes in the last hours. It was also recorded heavy hailwith balls the size of baseballs.

Last weekend more than about thirty people died by powerful tornadoes that swept through the Midwest and southern United States, leaving thousands of homes destroyed, tens of thousands of homes without power and caused the roof of a concert hall to collapse. The states most affected were Tennessee, Arkansas, Indiana, and Illinois.

Kayleigh Williams