PSV ends cup fairytale amateurs Spakenburg and advances to KNVB cup final

PSV ends cup fairytale amateurs Spakenburg and advances to KNVB cup final
Xavi Simons and Erick Gutierrez celebrate the 1-0 in Spakenburg

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Spakenburg’s historic cup adventure came to an end Tuesday night. At a Sportpark De Westmaat packed with 8,000 spectators, the top club from the premier league won 2-1 from the brave amateurs and thus qualified for the final of the KNVB Cup.

In the fishing village, the past few weeks have been about nothing but the semifinals. After FC Groningen and FC Utrecht, could the ‘Blauwen’ also beat PSV? The tension was great, but so was the pride and optimism.

A blue party

PSV coach Ruud van Nistelrooij could not suppress a smile when the tractor with trailer left the field late. Xavi Simons also waited patiently until the village scene was over. This was different from Paris, where he played until last summer. Here it sounded, “He who does not jump is not blue.” It was party time.

Spakenburg cheers after connecting goal

Once the last mess was removed from the rough artificial turf pitch, the Spakenburg players began their mission. Coach Chris de Graaf had again hatched a master plan. “With South American temperament” to make a fight of it, was the motto. That barely succeeded in the beginning. The balance after five minutes: 92 percent ball possession for PSV.

It was one-way traffic, towards Spakenburg’s goal. There were chances for Guus Til, but when the quick goal failed to materialize, the home team gained more confidence and nerve. Left winger Luuk Admiraal played the ball through Jordan Teze’s legs and crossed. Right winger Vince Gino Dekker tried with a free kick from long range.

Guti breaks ban, Green brings hope

On the stroke of halftime, PSV struck. After a corner by Joey Veerman, André Ramalho headed through and Érick Gutiérrez slid the ball into the goal in front of Nick Verhagen. That the goal against the amateurs counted heavily for PSV was evident from the exuberant celebration with the Eindhoven fans behind the goal.

With the third missed chance for Til and a shot by Johan Bakayoko, the first half ended. Right after halftime, the game seemed decided when Patrick van Aanholt rammed a subtle pass from Simons into the goal in one go over Spakenburg goalkeeper Alessandro Damen.

Patrick van Aanholt doubled PSV margin

The cupfighters showed themselves to be true cupfighters one more time. Spakenburg came back into the match in magnificent fashion. PSV defender Ramalho thought he had cleared safely, but had not reckoned with Dwayne Green. The defender intercepted the ball and saw PSV goalkeeper Joël Drommel standing a little too far in front of his goal.

Green lashed out like he had never lashed out before. The ball whizzed over Drommel into the goal from a great distance. The fairy tale was not yet over. More than half an hour remained for Spakenburg to pull off the stunt of stunts. It did not materialize, despite a few Spakenburg chances. PSV will see us back at De Kuip on April 30.

Kayleigh Williams