GOP hardliners back Trump, see his impeachment as ‘horrible’

GOP hardliners back Trump, see his impeachment as ‘horrible’

The hard wing of the Republican Party U.S. has taken to the interwebs Tuesday to defend former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) and claim that his impeachment is something “horrible” and the result of a “witch hunt”.

“Pray for President Trump.. Pray for our country. This is horrible,” he said on Twitter lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greenefrom Georgia, who even went as far as New York to lead a protest on his behalf.

From there he went so far as to compare the former president to other great historical figures such as South African leader Nelson Mandela or Jesus Christ.

“By being arrested today Trump joins some of the most incredible people in history. Nelson Mandela was arrested and served time in prison. Jesus was arrested and killed by the Roman Empire,” he has told conservative Right Side Broadcasting.

The city has also been visited by Congressman George Santosa representative for New York who said he has been a Trump supporter since his early days in politics.

“I voted for him in the primaries and twice for president in the general election. I showed my face today because that’s what true supporters do.They show up on your best and worst days,” he also said on Twitter.

Trump is charged with 34 counts in connection with irregular payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign so that she would not make public a sexual relationship between the two, and in his appearance Tuesday in court he pleaded not guilty.

“Good luck, Mr. President.. America is with you in this witch hunt,” he has also noted on the networks. legislator Matt Gaetz, representative for Florida.

A similar message has sent Elise Stefanik, Representative for New Yorkwhile Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, criticized that “Justice is the same for everyone unless you’re a Republican candidate for President.”

Congress to hold prosecutor accountable

For the leader of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, the prosecutor in the case, Alvin Bragg, Is attempting to “interfere” in the American democratic process. “by invoking federal law to bring politicized charges” against Trump. Congress will hold him accountable for this “instrumentalization of federal justice,” he warned.

The Republican National Committee has also focused its criticism on Bragg.

“He should be keeping New Yorkers safe instead of abusing his power to engage in political persecution prosecutions.” the agency said in a statement, in which it attributed his “disastrous management” in large part to his distorted priorities and far-left agenda.

Florida lawmaker Marco Rubio noted that this Tuesday is a bad day. “It’s a bad day for all of us. And we’re going to regret it for a long time,” he lamented.

In turn, Senator Mitt Romney, of Utah, has stressed that while “no one is above the law, not even former presidents, everyone is entitled to equal treatment.”

“Prosecutorial overreach. sets a dangerous precedent for criminalizing political opponents,” he remarked not without making it clear that Trump’s character and behavior make him “unsuitable” for the presidency, for which the former president is a candidate again.

At a time when Congress is in recess for this week and next week, reactions in defense of Trump by members of his party, however, were not particularly numerous.

The most striking silences

As was the case when the indictment became known on March 30, one of the most striking silences in their ranks was that of the leader of the Senate conservatives, Mitch McConnellthe main opposition figure to the former president within his own party and a frequent target of Trump’s criticism.

The top Democrat in the Upper House, Chuck Schumer, spoke out instead to make clear his confidence in the judicial system.

“I believe Mr. Trump will get a fair trial that considers the facts and the law. There is no room in our judicial system for any outside influence or intimidation in the legal process. As the trial progresses, protest is an American right, but they must all be peaceful,” he stressed.

Kayleigh Williams