a young woman refuses to leave her slot machine and urinates on the casino carpet

Many gamblers believe in luck. Some of them are fond of ritualistic routines, while others make a wish when their watch shows the same number four times (everyone knows that it’s 11 o’clock and 11 minutes to bet!). Still others believe that you have to hold on to your luck at all costs, because it can slip out of your hands at any moment…

Slot machines: when primary needs take a back seat

At the moment, a video posted on Instagram – which has largely gone viral -, shows a young woman playing a slot machine station in a Las Vegas casino, without ever leaving her seat. The player desperately clings to luck, and even skips the bathroom!

Yes, you’re not dreaming, in said video, we can see that the young woman refuses to leave her chair, even if it means putting casino games before her primary needs. At a certain moment of the video, a zoom is carried out on what resembles a puddle of water, just below where the gambler is sat.

In truth, it turns out that the player, too captivated by the slot machine screen, urinated without even realizing it. Or at least, she didn’t care that much… How is this possible? Only this person has the answer to that question.

They don’t leave their gambling station for fear of missing the jackpot

In Nevada, a person caught urinating or defecating in a public place is punishable by fine or imprisonment. The penalty for such offences is usually a fine of up to $2,000.

Still, that doesn’t stop some gamblers from “going overboard,” as this video recently showed that was widely shared on Instagram. In the U.S., as elsewhere, it’s not uncommon for bettors to spend hours on a single slot machine without taking the time to eat, hydrate or go to the bathroom. Apparently, they think that as soon as they leave the gaming station, the person who sits in their place will win the jackpot. Of course, this is just superstition when you know how slot machines really work…

Note that the video posted on Instagram last week does not disclose the identity of the player or even the name of the casino. However, the comments published under it say a lot about the practices of some. For example, we learn that some slot players wear diapers to avoid going to the toilet. Others forget to take their medication for fear of missing out on the jackpot that is promised to them. The last disturbing remark – which we were not able to verify – is that one Internet user claimed that at the casino, ” It is common to find dead people in front of the slot machines “.

Kayleigh Williams