Street Fighter, Legendary buys TV series and movie rights

Street Fighter, Legendary buys TV series and movie rights

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that production company Legendary has acquired the rights to the TV series and movies of Street Fighter, Capcom’s series of fighting games. According to the report Legendary and Capcom will work together on future projects about which we currently have no details.

Hollywood has tried in the past to bring Street Fighter to the big and small screen: Universal released an ill-fated film in 1994 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Col. Guile and a cast that included Kylie Minogue, Ming-Na Wen, and Raul Julia. More than a decade later, 20th Century Fox released Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009), starring Kristin Kreuk. Like its predecessor, the film did far from well, both commercially and with critics.

Legendary most likely wants to try to debut the Street Fighter series again in this industry.Video game adaptations have done very well in recent times, just think of the Sonic movies, Uncharted, and the HBO-produced TV series of The Last of Us. This week also sees the release of Super Mario Bros. The Movie made in collaboration with Illumination.

Street Fighter is one of the longest-running fighting video game series of all time. It began with the arcade Street Fighter in 1987, which was later followed by Street Fighter 2 in 1991. In total, the franchise has sold 49 million units worldwide, and the new title, Street Fighter 6, will be released on June 6.

Traciy Curry-Reyes