“Bearing arms is a constitutional matter.”

“Bearing arms is a constitutional matter.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Rep. Ron DeSantis, signed into law today the bill that. allows the carrying of a firearm without a state permit.a regulation strongly criticized by Democrats.

HB 543, passed by the Senate last March 30, will go into effect starting next July 1 and will make Florida the 26th U.S. state to enact such legislation.. With 27 votes in favor and 13 against, the Florida Senate, with a Republican majority as well as the state’s lower house, approved this bill to which its proponents called a “public safety” bill..

As of the effective date of the law, persons carrying concealed weapons in public . shall not require special training or background checks to do so. “You don’t need a government permission slip to be able to exercise your Second Amendment rights,” DeSantis, who is expected to make his presidential aspirations official in the coming months, said last week at an event.

The Nashville Police Department released security camera footage of the route taken by Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the 28-year-old shooter who killed six people, three of them minors, at a school in the U.S. city.

“Carrying guns is a constitutional issue that’s on the books.”DeSantis said today in a statement after signing the bill into law. In April of last year, DeSantis took his conservative agenda a step further by vowing to sign a law allowing state residents to carry a firearm without a permit, something he called “constitutional carry.”

The term “constitutional carry” refers to the right to carry a firearm, either discreetly or openly, because of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which gives the American people the right to keep and bear arms. Currently, Floridians do not need permits to purchase a gun, but they do need permits to carry them in public, so this bill would eliminate that requirement.

“It could make it easier for criminals to carry guns.”

In Florida, according to data released by NBC television6, nearly 3 million people have a concealed weapons permit. For Republicans, law-abiding citizens have the right to bear arms and protect themselves. But the Democrats argued that Florida, a state that has assisted in horrific mass shootings, such as the one perpetrated in 2018 at Parkland High School or the Pulse nightclub massacre in 2016, will become even more dangerous.

“Florida Republicans have delivered exactly what Ron DeSantis asked for in his shameless effort to boost his national profile and win over the MAGA base (short for ‘Make America Great Again,’ the slogan popularized by former President Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign),” Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried said after the bill passed.

It is, Fried said, about. “a permitless carry bill that could make it easier for criminals to carry guns.” “This is just the latest example of DeSantis using this legislative session to push through a extreme agenda that puts his own ambitions and special interests first.such as the gun lobby, before Floridians,” the Democrat emphasized.

Kayleigh Williams