Fortuna hears nothing from Yilmaz, but acknowledges salary arrears

Fortuna hears nothing from Yilmaz, but acknowledges salary arrears
Burak Yilmaz

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Fortuna Sittard assumes that on Wednesday the club will receive a text and explanation from Burak Yilmaz about his cryptic message of Sunday night. The premiership club expects the Turkish striker back at the club then.

Yilmaz caused confusion Sunday night by posting a message on social media thanking the club and supporters for a great time. The message hinted at an early departure for the player who still has a contract in Sittard until 2027.

Technical director Sjoerd Ars expected to hear from Yilmaz on Monday, but the footballer proved unavailable to the club, according to De Limburger. “He will be at the club on Wednesday and will just train then,” general manager Ivo Pfennings assured the regional daily.

‘Syrupy payments’

According to Voetbal International, Yilmaz’s action might have had to do with the “viscous payments” of salaries of big earners at the club. Yilmaz allegedly promised his teammates to help them if Fortuna defaulted.

Burak Yilmaz’s message on social media

Pfennings admits that March salaries have not yet been paid at Fortuna. “Due to unforeseen costs at the stadium, we had higher liabilities than budgeted in March.”

“Because we had the guarantee that we would receive the remaining amount intended for salaries on time, I decided to pay those costs earlier. But because the payment of that amount was delayed, we could not transfer the salaries on time for this one time,” Pfennings said.


The general manager says everyone in the organization was aware of the delayed payments. He adds that all employees will receive their salaries next Tuesday.

Pfennings adds that Yilmaz’s action and the overdue salary payments at Fortuna are “unrelated.” “Burak, especially as captain, was aware of the reason for the later transfer of salaries.”

The Fortuna Sittard selection returned to the club on Wednesday after two days off.

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