‘It was now or never for Bayern’

‘It was now or never for Bayern’
Thomas Tuchel on the training field in Munich

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Barely appointed, barely able to train due to the international period, but immediately full steam ahead. For Thomas Tuchel, the weeks of truth have arrived at Bayern Munich. “He is more than just a good trainer.”

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. This is how Tuchel describes the roller coaster in which he has found himself since last week on Friday before the cracker against former club Borussia Dortmund. Indeed, on Tuesday he was surprised by a phone call from Munich and the rest is now history. After the congé of Julian Nagelsmann, Tuchel must help Bayern to coveted prizes.

Now or never

“If Tuchel had not been available, Nagelsmann would still be coach of Bayern today. I am firmly convinced of that,” says Kerry Hau. He follows the club closely on behalf of German Sport1 and knows how the hares run in the absolute top of soccer.

“It was now or never for Bayern. There was also interest in 2018, but then Tuchel chose Paris Saint-Germain, which was more decisive. Bayern did not want to fall behind the net again, although I do think the way Nagelsmann was sidelined does not deserve the beauty prize.”

Under Nagelsmann’s leadership, Bayern, especially in the Bundesliga, sometimes appears to be tipsy game. “There is no gauge of performance this season. Ten of the 25 league games were not won. That is simply not accepted here. That is why the club management also intervened,” Hau said.

Spicy start

Despite the leads, which were mainly in the Champions League, Nagelsmann has to step down. Successor Tuchel, who once made his predecessor at Augsburg warm to the coaching profession, now has a lot to deal with in a short time: the topper against Borussia Dortmund, Tuesday SC Freiburg in the German Cup and later this month twice Manchester City.

Tuchel on Bayern debut against old club Dortmund: ‘Want to regain the lead’

“The first impressions of Tuchel are positive,” Hau observes. “He seeks conversation with players a lot and knows what he has to do: win everyone over and get them on board with his ideas. At Chelsea, Tuchel also previously stepped in at half-time and won the Champions League. He is aiming for that at Bayern as well.”

In Munich, the bar is particularly high, Nagelsmann has also experienced. Tuchel, according to Hau, has a plus. “He has proven at top level that he can deal with vedettes like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé. Everyone who has worked with Tuchel in recent years speaks highly of him. He is more than just a good coach and Bayern needs that.”

Tuchel and Dortmund

On Saturday night, all eyes will be on Tuchel when Bayern plays against Dortmund. The club with whom he won the DFB-Pokal in 2017 and was thrown out on the street a few days later due to disagreements with the club management. Especially after the attack on the players’ bus, before the Champions League match with AS Monaco, divisions arise.

Dortmund, currently one point ahead of Bayern in the league, is fervently hoping for its first national title since 2012. Express Tuchel wants to put a stop to that. Hau does not expect the championship to be decided as early as Saturday night.

“No, that’s still too early. I think it will come down to the games against the, with all due respect, smaller clubs. The mutual encounter will be very interesting, but not decisive. Tuchel will demand a good start. Then peace will return somewhat.”

New coach Tuchel presented at Bayern Munich

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