Barricaded man in Florida is critically injured by police

Barricaded man in Florida is critically injured by police

A man who barricaded himself barricaded himself inside a Florida boarding house early this morning. (USA) threatening to kill three people, including a child, and then confronted a team of police negotiators, was gunned down with one shot and is hospitalized, authorities said.

At a press conference, Bob Gualtier, Pinellas County sheriff, reported that the man, identified as Jerid Fenderson, 26.was taken to a hospital in St. Petersburg, a city on the west coast of the state, where he is in serious condition.

A sniper from a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team shot at Fenderson’s chest in order to de-escalate him, seeing that the man would not surrender to authorities, the sheriff’s deputy said.

The local media Tampa Bay 10 has said that it all started Thursday when Fenderson threatened guests who were staying with him, a woman, her youngest son and her boyfriend, in a one-bedroom apartment at the St. Petersburg boarding house on Florida’s west coast.

Apparently, according to the sheriff’s account, Fenderson was upset to find the three guests sleeping in his bed, so he pulled a gun on them, even threatening to kill the child.

The three people managed to get out of the house and called the local police, whose officers showed up at the scene around midnight.

An hour and a half later, the St. Petersburg police decided to call in a SWAT team of negotiators to which they would Fenderson met with gunfire.

Gualtieri said police have grounds to arrest Fenderson for aggravated assault and that the attacker is expected to survive.

An investigation into the event is ongoing while a Pinellas County Use of Deadly Force Task Force has been activated, as a protocol establishes when there are police officers involved in a shooting.

Kayleigh Williams