Bolsonaro returns to Brazil to “collaborate with those who wish to do so” in the run-up to elections

Bolsonaro returns to Brazil to “collaborate with those who wish to do so” in the run-up to elections

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has already left the United States, where he has been living for three months, on his way to Brazil for what is expected to be the start of an intense campaign with a view to recovering lost ground before the 2024 municipal elections. Bolsonaro, who is facing several investigations in different judicial instances in his country, will foreseeably arrive in a regular flight to Brasilia airport at 7.10 local time (12.10 Spanish time), as announced by his political party, the Liberal Party (PL).

According to the Brazilian channel Jovem Panafter his arrival in Brazil, he could go directly to the headquarters of the Liberal Party (PL), which he joined in 2021, in order to breakfast with members of that party. The PL named him “honorary president” after his campaign for reelection against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who defeated him at the polls last October by a difference of 1.8 percentage points.

In declarations to CNN Brazil before taking off, on Wednesday night, Bolsonaro has confirmed that. will not lead “any opposition”but he will participate with his party, “as a person with 28 years of experience in the House, four as president, two as councilman and 15 in the Army, to collaborate with those who wish to do so”.

“I do not want to replace the parliamentarians, they are the ones who are going to give us the north,” he added, “I at this moment. I am a politician without a mandateI will be at the side of our bench”.

Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez, right, talks with former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero at a meeting of the Puebla group during the 3rd World Forum on Human Rights.

In response to the claims of the Federal Police, she has assured that she will go “without problem” to give explanations about the jewelry and the rest of the gifts that received from the Saudi Arabian monarchy upon his return from the United States, scheduled for this Thursday.

Still, he has insisted on his innocence: “I will follow the guidance of my lawyers.” he explained. “The jewels were handed over, embezzlement? My God in heaven, yes we searched them, a specific secretariat of ours catalogued them, the jewels are not mine, period.”

He has also acknowledged that the result of the 2022 elections was “quite tight”, but has insisted that those elections are already “a page turned”and confirmed that during his new campaign he will make “one or two trips” to Brazil per month.

Before his arrival in Brazil on Thursday morning, the security protocol that the authorities of the Brazilian capital have prepared does not seem to be to his liking and from his party claim that it is typical of a “convict”. and not of an ex-president.

Agents of the Federal Police and the Federal District Security Secretariat will escort him from the plane through a restricted area to a vehicle that will take you homethus preventing him from being received by his followers in the airport lobby, which has caused unease, as reported by ‘O Globo’.

Assault by his followers

The former president of Brazil lived these months in central Florida. surrounded by the support of his followers among the large Brazilian community and taking care not to make statements that could alienate the US authorities.

His presence in the North American country became more controversial in the wake of the invasion of the three powers in Brasilia which hundreds of his followers staged in January to overthrow the government of Lula da Silva.

Sanchez will try to involve China to achieve peace in Ukraine in a trip with a marked economic character.

During his stay in Orlando, Bolsonaro has been staying at the home of a mixed martial arts fighter, José Aldo, and has been living a normal life with visits to supermarkets, restaurants and temples, according to videos posted on the networks by his followers.

He also had a massive meeting with his followers, who shouted at him. “stay, stay.”at a restaurant in Orlando, participated as a keynote speaker at a conservative political forum in Doral (Miami) and met in Washington with former President Donald Trump.

Shortly after his arrival in the U.S. he passed through a hospital for an abdominal ailment stemming from injuries he suffered in an assassination attempt during the 2018 election campaign that brought him to the presidency.

Kayleigh Williams