‘Is doing well under the circumstances’

‘Is doing well under the circumstances’
Henk de Jong

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Henk de Jong has weathered the risky operation on his head well. The coach had to stop working at SC Cambuur in October immediately because he was too much inconvenienced by a cyst in his head.

“He is doing well under the circumstances. Request to everyone to give him as much rest now so that he can fully focus on his recovery,” Cambuur reported.

De Jong had to temporarily suspend his duties before for the same reason, but then returned after a rest period of a few months. Ultimately, surgery on his head proved unavoidable.

“That’s risky, but I take that for granted,” he said late last year about his decision to go for that surgery anyway. “You get very tired. And that gets intensified. It hinders your life. It’s a very unpleasant situation.”

De Jong was succeeded at Cambuur by Sjors Ultee. He hopes to one day return to the Leeuwarden club, which currently ranks last in the premier league, in another position.

Watch the interview with Henk de Jong in which he talks at length about his health below:

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