100 000 € stolen by one or more burglars!

During the night of Tuesday 21 to Wednesday 22 March 2023, the casino of Mimizan, in the department of Landes, has suffered a significant loss of 100 000 €. Indeed, the establishment was broken into by one or several individuals, without it being known how they did it. One of the co-owners of Stelsia Casino Mimizan, Philippe Ginestet, deplores “the theft of a significant amount of money”.

Mimizan casino targeted by one or more thieves

About five days ago, the Stelsia Casino Mimizan was robbed. And the damage is not of the least since 100 000 € were stolen. According to the first findings, an individual – or even several of them -, would be introduced by the roof of the establishment owned, managed and operated by Philippe Ginestet (the billionaire at the head of not less than 850 stores Gifi) and his co-partner Dominique Gortari.

I heard the news the afternoon after the robbery. This is the most important loss we have to deplore “, explains Philippe Ginestet. ” The robbery most likely took place around 3 a.m. There were no injuries. “, completes in its turn Dominique Gortari.

The judicial police of Bayonne, which was seized to direct the investigation, said that the casino safe was broken into by the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime. This one was emptied in its entirety.

It is also important to remember that the departments of Occitania have been the target of numerous robberies for nearly a month. Indeed, no less than five casinos have been robbed in this region of France.

Similar events occurred in the same area

The police, who have made initial observations in an attempt to understand the modus operandi of the thieves – and potentially to find clues at the scene of the theft – have suggested that they did not act in the same way as in Gruissan, in the Aude region, where the town’s casino, also owned by Philippe Ginestet and Dominique Gortari, was robbed four weeks ago.

This is not the same modus operandi. In Gruissan, the thieves only attacked the slot machines, and they didn’t get very far. In Mimizan, the thieves were more subtle, and more discreet “, explains the policeman who leads the investigation.

A month earlier, the Barbotan-les-Thermes casino in Cazaubon, in the Gers, had also been robbed. This time, it was the cash float which had been stolen by the thieves, who had forced the main entrance with a crowbar.

Despite the damage it suffered, the Stelsia Casino Mimizan reopened its doors to the public on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 22.

Kayleigh Williams