Vitesse confident in new Gelredome lease: ‘Big steps taken’

Vitesse confident in new Gelredome lease: ‘Big steps taken’
Supporters of Vitesse at the Gelredome

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To say that Vitesse is in a turbulent phase is an understatement. The lease with the Gelredome is expiring and has not yet been renewed. The main sponsor is quitting after this season. The takeover by the Common Group is still not completed and since this week general manager Pascal van wijk is sitting at home.

Commercial director Peter Rovers has now been appointed general manager ad interim. Tuesday night he came out with his first statement.

The hottest issue at the moment is the stadium issue. “Reaching agreement on a new lease for Gelredome stadium is our absolute top priority,” Rovers stressed. “Substantial steps are being taken toward an agreement. There has been hard work over the past few days to get things on paper. We are confident that we will reach an agreement in the coming days.”

Turbo Powers Appeal

Although a turbo appeal was filed Monday on appeal of the summary proceedings that were previously filed in order to continue playing soccer at Gelredome during the proceedings on the merits about the perpetual playing right (at least next season), this is purely a precautionary measure. “In case we unexpectedly cannot reach an agreement on a new lease,” Rovers clarified.

Time is also an important factor, as the KNVB would like clarity on next season’s playing venue by Tuesday, April 11.

Coley Parry, the intended new owner of Vitesse, has indicated he will not drop the club.

In terms of acquisition (of Valeri Ojf’s shares), the Arnhem club also hopes to make quick strides. “The complete package, including the new documents, will be delivered to the KNVB licensing committee this week,” Rovers said.

“It remains a long process, but nevertheless, Coley Parry as the intended owner has expressed that he will not drop our club.”

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