‘It looks pretty nasty’

‘It looks pretty nasty’
Memphis Depay grabs his thigh

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Memphis Depay’s substitution against Gibraltar was forced. The striker, who went to the side after halftime in the 3-0 win, suffered an injury.

“It looks pretty nasty,” said national team coach Ronald Koeman. “What exactly does he have? I don’t think I’m allowed to say that because of privacy rules, right?”

Depay made the switch from Barcelona to Atlético Madrid early this year. “But he hasn’t played 90 consecutive minutes of football in my opinion for the season,” Koeman said. “That’s pretty crazy, right? Then you don’t really get into the rhythm.”

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It looks like a hamstring injury for Depay, who could say little else about it himself. “I hope it’s not too bad,” the striker said.

“It’s a difficult season for me mentally anyway, maybe the most difficult of my career. This kind of moment is part of it. When you come out of this, you also start experiencing great things again,” said Depay, referring, among other things, to his interim transfer from Barcelona to Atlético Madrid.

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