“Almost a dollar per egg.”

“Almost a dollar per egg.”

Go shopping in the United States and in Spain are. two totally different experiences. Recently, an American woman was showing what surprised her most about our supermarkets, and now, the youtuber Pau Clavero has shown what it’s like to go to the famous Walmart.

It is assumed that, being one of the largest shopping areas in the American country, it is one of the most economical. However, this Catalan has shown prices that have left its viewers speechless.

Worst of all, the big figures you see next to the products is not the final price. You have to wait until you get to the checkout and they add up. the taxes.

To begin with, sausage is hard to find. It is scarce and worth its price in gold. For example, only 400 grams of salami, 8 dollars. Same price for “24 slices of cheddar cheese”.

Accustomed to large quantities of food in the supermarket, inflation has made prices even more exorbitant. Especially with eggs, whose cost “varies every day.” During the video, $6 for a dozen eggs.

“On top of that you want your chickens not to be exploited, they’re going to cost you. 10 dollars 12 eggs“, he noted. “Almost a dollar per egg.” Meanwhile, he kept discovering meaningless aisles in the supermarket.

“One of the things I didn’t understand is that toilet paper is so extremely expensive,” he has also explained. Without tax, 12 rolls of paper cost $13. Y $20 for garbage bags.

What is most surprising about the prices is that, in addition, there are other chains where it still costs much more to shop. For this reason, Walmart has a turnover of more than 1.5 billion dollars “per day”..

Kayleigh Williams