the six robbers soon to be sentenced at the Amiens courthouse

A long-awaited trial, whose facts took place nearly seven years ago, was finally opened on Thursday, March 23! Indeed, in September 2016, four heavily armed robbers had robbed the casino of Cayeux-sur-Mer, in the Somme. While they are for the moment in custody, they will be tried in the coming days alongside two other people. Beyond the case itself, which will soon be resolved, it is the incredible slowness, even laxity, of French justice that must be highlighted.

Cayeux-sur-Mer casino robbery : the justice will (finally) decide !

On June 22, 2017, after almost twelve months of investigation, the gendarmerie services of Abbeville and Amiens had put under examination seven people suspected of having participated in Cayeux-sur-Mer casino robbery. Among them are the four robbers, who are between 29 and 41 years old and live in Picardie.

While the investigation carried out by the gendarmerie anticipated a very possible recurrence, the small group was quick to recognize the facts of which they were accused. At the opening of the trial on Thursday, March 23, 2023, the counts recognized in his respect are numerous extortion with a weapon, criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, and much more.

It is at the Palais de Justice in Amiens that six of the individuals placed in pre-trial detention will be tried in the coming days, with the decision of the judiciary to be rendered on Thursday, March 30. One wonders, however, how it is possible that the trial is only taking place now, almost seven years after the events, especially since the suspects confessed their wrongdoings quite quickly after the beginning of the investigation…

A couple and a casino employee likely accomplices to the crime

Let us recall that the robbers had burst inside the casino of Cayeux-sur-Mer with revolvers and shotguns. They threatened the director of the establishment as well as three employees, before locking them in a room with double turn.

Afterwards, the robbers broke into the casino’s cash register, taking no less than 45,000 €.before fleeing in a vehicle that they set on fire a few kilometers from the scene of the crime, in the hope of erasing all evidence of their hold-up.

It should be noted that the four robbers were assisted by three accomplices, including a couple. The main one was an employee of the Cayeux-sur-Mer casino (of course fired since the events). One of the members of the couple will not be judged because the investigation has not been able to confirm his involvement in the robbery, due to the lack of evidence.

Kayleigh Williams