Guatemala seizes containers of “possible fentanyl” from Turkey

Guatemala seizes containers of “possible fentanyl” from Turkey

The Government of Guatemala has reported Thursday that it seized. “four containers with possible fentanyl” in a shipment that arrived in the northeast of the country originally coming from Turkey.

The Ministry of the Interior (Interior) has detailed in a press release that the shipment came in. a vessel that “had a through route”. through France and Colombia, after initially sailing from Turkey, before finally arriving in Guatemala.

The four containers were seized at a state terminal in the department (province) of Izabal, located on Guatemala’s Atlantic Ocean coast, some 250 kilometers northeast of the country’s capital.

The Minister of the Interior, Napoleón Barrientos Girón, has assured that. “preliminary field tests were positive for fentanyl.” and described the substance as “a highly dangerous drug that has caused the deaths of millions of people around the world”.

According to the Interior portfolio, “investigations” will be carried out to determine if the “vessel carrying the possible drug” is “related” to the arrest of three people of Mexican nationality in recent weeks at the request of the United States, accused of drug trafficking.

The vessel had registered fentanyl as “alkyd resins.” in its official statement, the same source added.

Due to its geographical position, Guatemala is used by drug trafficking cartels such as bridge for moving narcotics from South America to the United States.both by sea and air, according to experts.

Kayleigh Williams