Spanish fighters escort U.S. nuclear bomber in NATO show of force

Spanish fighters escort U.S. nuclear bomber in NATO show of force

A squadron made up of Spanish F-18 fighters, Romanian F-16s and Italian Typhoons escorted a a B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber. of the U.S. Air Force during a training mission over European skies.

The spectacular images were captured from inside one of the fighters that participated in this mission and were released Tuesday by NATO’s Air Commandas this exercise is part of the training missions of the Atlantic Alliance.

The video shows how the Spanish fighters, together with Italian and Romanian fighters, fly in V formation escorting the American B-52.

“The B-52s are training with the Allied Air Forces during their BTF mission of. strengthening our Euro-Atlantic partnership.”said the Air Command, which also included the message Stronger Together (stronger together).

NATO’s release of these images comes after a Russian fighter jet intercepted two U.S. B-52 bombers last week flying over the Baltic Sea. The Russian Su-35 fighter took off to identify the two American aircraft and escorted them away from Russian airspace.

The U.S. Army called that action “reckless.” and an “unsafe and unprofessional act” on the part of the Russian Air Force.

Now, NATO is releasing new images of a B-52 bomber, an aircraft capable of carrying nuclear bombsThe U.S. military exercises in Europe, in what many analysts have interpreted as a show of force by the Atlantic Alliance vis-à-vis Vladimir Putin.

Kayleigh Williams