a couple hits a jackpot of almost 1.5 million euros at the slot machines!

In La Ciotat, a couple of shopkeepers from the Var region have hit a huge jackpot Of nearly €1.5 million at the slot machines of Partouche Group’s Pleinair Casino. The win fell on the evening of Saturday, March 18, in Europe’s first outdoor casino; it follows the €2.3 million jackpot hit at the Forges-les-Eaux casino less than a month ago. Let’s decipher.

Pleinair Casino in La Ciotat: €1.5 million won by a couple from Var

A phenomenal win was made on Saturday, March 18, 2023 at the Partouche casino in La Ciotat. Indeed, a couple of Varois touched a pactole of €1,454,815 by playing a slot machine in the open-air establishment! Usually customers of the Partouche casino in Hyères, the man and woman finally decided to try their luck elsewhere, and they obviously did well!

While the man was spinning the reels of a slot machine, the woman was sitting in front of the screen of another game connected to the famous Megapot of the number two casino in France. According to Partouche, the lady, who runs a business with her husband somewhere in the Var region of France, bet €100 and ended up with a 7-figure win!

The player had a slight feeling of incomprehension when she saw the amount “, explains the Partouche group. It was only when the other players in the casino arrived that she ” (…) understood that she had hit the jackpot “, commented the French leisure group created in 1973 by Isidore Partouche. Now millionaires, the man and woman will be able to make all their dreams come true!

Recent examples show that the casino in Hyères should not be sulked

Does the nearly €1.5 million win at the La Ciotat casino make for a bad promotion at the Hyères casino? Not necessarily. Let us recall that on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, another couple, this time from Nîmes, in the Gard, had won a jackpot of more than 122 000 € at the slot machines of the establishment located in the Var!

After he had dined, it was once again the wife of the couple who took the initiative on a slot machine of the Partouche group. She had bet only 4 € before seeing the screen of the terminal of play panic. According to BFM Varit took several minutes for the winner to understand that she had won the modest sum of 122 880 €..

A month earlier, at the Bandol casino, still in the Var, a retired woman had hit a Mega Jackpot of €186,000, still reports BFM Var. As what, to play in one of the casinos of the Var, or more globally in those implanted in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, seems to bring luck to the players!

Kayleigh Williams