Actress Kate del Castillo becomes spokeswoman for a campaign against bullfighting

Actress Kate del Castillo becomes spokeswoman for a campaign against bullfighting

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo has stepped into the shoes of a bull for Peta Latino’s new campaign against bullfighting, which aims to make visible the exploitation of animals in the world of entertainment.

People who think that bullfighting is culture are wrong.“, said in a statement the artist, who in the framework of this campaign of the animal defense organization narrates in a video a bullfight from the animal’s perspective.

“They can have culture in thousands of other ways, but not by torturing animals. It is not right in any sense, ever, to torture and hurt an animal. I hope he will still be alive when bullfighting ends, so we can celebrate,” the performer added.

The new campaign starring Castillo Demands an end to bullfighting at the Nuevo Progreso the city of Guadalajara (Mexico), after a judge banned the spectacle indefinitely in Mexico City.

Castillo stars in a video in which she gets into the bull’s skin and questions the men who surround her and hurt her to death. “Why, what did I do? Why does it amuse them to see me like this, tortured, mutilated, agonizing?“, she wonders.

Castillo’s appeal also turns to the United States, where she has asked its population to join her protest. The actress has been a member of PETA’s Honorary Board of Directors since 2020 and has become a campaign spokesperson campaign to end the exploitation of animals in the entertainment industry, both in Mexico and the United States.

The Mexican woman has also joined campaigns against the exploitation of marine animals at parks such as SeaWorld and the Miami Seaquarium, and has called for orcas to be transferred to guarded coastal sanctuaries. In addition, he has received PETA’s Humanitarian and PETA Latino’s Woman Defender of Animals awards.

Kayleigh Williams