FC Utrecht owner Van Seumeren apologizes after physical clash with Klaiber

FC Utrecht owner Van Seumeren apologizes after physical clash with Klaiber

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FC Utrecht owner Frans van Seumeren had a physical clash with right back Sean Klaiber on Saturday. It happened when Van Seumeren went into the locker room after the lost match against Go Ahead Eagles (1-2) to express his displeasure with the team’s performance.

Van Seumeren expressed regret over his action and apologized to the selection on Sunday. Earlier this season, a scuffle between then coach Henk Fraser and striker Amin Younes led to Fraser’s departure.

‘Father-son relationship’

At The Telegraph Van Seumeren does his story. “It was a firm altercation with some pushing back and forth. I sat down separately with Sean on Sunday and it was all talked out.”

Van Seumeren describes Klaiber as a good friend, with whom he has more frequent physical contact. “I also sometimes just give him a hug. And I once experienced that I was walking somewhere and suddenly someone was hanging on my neck. Then that was Sean. Now emotions ran high for a while, but I apologized and things are totally fine between us again.”

Klaiber balks after a Go Ahead Eagles goal

According to the major, who says he will never go to the locker room from now on, the nature of Saturday’s incident was different from the clash between Fraser and Younes. “I don’t think you can compare these situations. Not even because Sean experienced it very differently because of our relationship with each other. You could see it as a father-son relationship.”

FC Utrecht is currently seventh in the premier league and lost for the third time in a row in its own Galgenwaard. The last victory in their own stadium dates back to Feb. 4 against sc Heerenveen.

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